Saturday, February 27, 2010

Transportation Day

Hello. I'm back. I haven't blogged since Tuesday. That's a long time for me. What can I say- we had a pretty boring week. I didn't really take any pictures either. Right now I'm going to make up for my lack of blogging and then some. You are about to see 1,495 pictures taken today during "Transportation Day".

We've been looking forward to Transportation Day ever since we found out about it 3 weeks ago. It's the 10th annual Day, but the first time we have attended. Basically a church/preschool invites a bunch of different vehicles to come park in their parking lot and then, free of charge, the public is invited to come check out the different modes of transportation. The flier said there were 40 vehicles. I actually think there were more. There was food and vendors and games too, but we went for the trucks. And cars. And buses. And man, was it fun.

(These photos are actually edited and trimmed down. I didn't post 3/4 of them. Feel free to skim.)

We'll be hearing about this hug for the next week.

Spencer in the Border Patrol van. Border Patrol ATVHarley motorcycle Army medical tank Spencer calling for more supplies.SailboatSpencer sailing the high seas. Construction vehicleSpencer's ABSOLUTE favorite. The yellow bus.

He honked the horn. Enthusiastically.

Spencer fighting fires.

In the back of the ambulance. The EMT was really nice to him (and really cute).
Daddy and Spencer in the back of the police SWAT van.
That police officer stood on top of the van the entire time we were there (2 hours).

Police motorcycle

Truly Nolan mouse car. They gave Spencer a coloring book.

Police car. We made Spencer sit in the front and not the back, lest he enjoy sitting in the back which would lead him into a life of crime.

Post office mail van

Spencer's 2nd favorite. The city bus.

Showing off all the stickers he got.

I think that Transportation Day is one of the most fun family things we have ever done. It was close by, it was free, it was simple and spectacular at the same time and it was truly enjoyable. Spencer's face everytime we got to a new vehicle was just priceless. Over and over and over again.

It was the best kind of day.


Maryellen said...

Aw, I'm happy you all had such a great day. Did Spencer enjoy the bear hug better than the Lilly hug?

lady of leisure said...

We were there too! Guess we didn't see each other though. Tyler had fun although I'm sure he will have much more next year!!

The Yager Family said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! Oh and don't worry, I'll try to keep that hug a secret from Lilly... you know, to avoid jealousy.

Team Eliza said...

Who would have ever thought that Transportaion Day could be so thrilling?!? I have never heard of such a thing but what a genius idea . . . I really don;t know of any little things that don't love school buses. I will have to be on the look out for transportain day in our neighborhood. Glad you guys had such a good time!