Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I really hate living in Arizona from the beginning/middle of May until about mid-October. It's quite like living inside of a volcano. I have to admit that when it's 76 in February, well, even I will spend some time outside. And I hate outside, so that's saying something.

Yesterday we put Spencer in his bathing suit and had some fun playing with the b-ball hoop and water table.

I'd really like to start eating dinner outdoors. It seems like a good memory to create for Spencer as he grows up. I found this dining set at Big Lots for $120. I've never known about Big Lots. How have I missed this place?
They'll also have this bad boy available in March for $100. Alfresco dining just got more interesting.


The Yager Family said...

Oooh Big Lots is amazing, and you just reminded me about them!
Those are some GREAT deals! We eat outside pretty frequently when the weather is nice... try it, I think you'll like it!

lady of leisure said...

Hmmm...have never been to Big Lots but may need to check it out one of these days. We also try to eat outside whenever possible. Nice that the high chair just rolls right out the door now.

PS How much free time do you have that you changed your blog for President's Day with all the little president pictures? Are they just random or are they your favorites?

Team Eliza said...

I am really ready for Spring to make its way to Texas because we love eating outside and right now it is just too cold to do so.

I am glad to hear you found Big Lots - you can find some pretty awesome deals there. They usually have a good selection of toys too. BL is where I (I mean Santa) found Eliza's Elmo kitchen. It was such a great deal that Santa didn't even mind getting up at 4 am on Black Friday to get it.

Natalie said...

Karen, No- I don't have that much free time. It was a pre-made background. I just copied the code so it took all of 30 seconds. I don't know who made the background but their taste in presidents is eclectic at best.

Jennifer, I think I'm going to have to get up at 4 am on March 1st to get the gazebo. I love that Elmo kitchen so I'm glad your, um, er Santa's alarm worked.

Maryellen said...

Eating outdoors is awesome. I'm very happy to know you're now tuned in to the wonders of Big Lots.

Anonymous said...

Remember we ate outside at my parents' house on your b-day & your jaw dropped when a flock of Canadian geese flew overhead? That was a memory.

I can't believe it's almost 80 in Feb. I'm currently in fleece PJs listening to the furnace roar, a blanket of snow outside, and a roaring faux fire, purchased incidentally at Big Lots.

The GVZ's said...

I hope you don't think this is totally weird and stalkerish since I don't know you (I am Mare and Jen's cousin), but you are one of my favorite bloggers. Love the sweet pics and the sarcastic commentary. I lived in Tucson for three years and quite often felt as though I was cooking from the inside out. The whole state is way too hot.