Monday, February 1, 2010


Back before Spencer was sleeping independently (you know, 6 weeks ago) we wanted him to pick a "lovey" so that he could be comforted if he ever woke up and we weren't there. The only lovey he had ever had was my left arm. (He still loves my left arm. We joke that I will have to cut it off and send it to college with him. That's not a very funny joke actually).

So, the lovey picking began.

The 1st round draft included (left to right) "Sauce" (We thought he was a fox until Amy clarified he is actually a red panda and Spencer says fox as sauce), "Piggy" and "Moose".

The second round draft included "More Piggy" (with the bow), "Mama Piggy" and "Baby Piggy". Spencer is consistent in which little pig is the mom and which is the baby. The mom has a mohawk.The third round draft added Elmo.The latest draft added "Ger" (who happens to be driving a strawberry race car). So. Every night Spencer goes to sleep with 8 loveys. He arranges them in a different way every night.

His truest lovey, though, the one that really will go to the freshman dorm, is Piggy. Piggy goes with us on our walks.
Piggy reads with us at nap time and night time. Piggy goes with us in the car.
Piggy goes with us to Target (and Fry's and Wal Mart and Kohl's and Sam's Club). Piggy goes with us to visit daddy at work. Piggy always joins us when we watch a movie.
We love Piggy. Some of us worry about Piggy falling apart and not having a replacement Piggy available. Piggy was purchased before Spencer was ever conceived. Some of us don't remember where Piggy was purchased. Some of us would like to ask if you see an exact copy of Piggy to let some of us know so an emergency Piggy can be purchased.

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The Yager Family said...

Aww I'm so glad that Spencer and Piggy have found each other!
Sorry about this weekend - I'll call you tonight!!!