Saturday, February 20, 2010

Party #1

This is my cousin Alex and his wife Tionna. They just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary. I totally stole this picture from Tionna's facebook page. I didn't take it myself. They got married at Lake Tahoe last January. We weren't able to make it to the wedding. :(

This is what I looked like the last time we saw Alex and Tionna. 6 months pregnant. At Nathan and Kendra's wedding. Seriously. We took this picture and left the ceremony and haven't seen Alex and Tionna since. This was 32 months ago. Alex and Tionna live in New Hampshire. They are here visiting for the weekend. There was a big get together tonight with people from both sides of their family. We went to a family restaurant/game place called Monkey Business.

Spencer played ski ball for the 1st time.He won enough tickets to get these whistle lips. How fun for me in the coming days.The red eye reduction left Spencer's eyes looking like he's a lizard or something. We're so glad Spencer finally got to meet Alex and Tionna and vice versa. Party #2 is Sunday morning- Lilly's 3rd birthday party. There may also be a party #3 on Sunday afternoon. We're not sure yet. You can be sure that if it happens, there will be pictures posted asap.

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The Yager Family said...

Looks like fun!
So sorry about the whistle lips, and how they got stolen in the middle of the night by some guy who needed them for his own kids who do not have any toys of their own. Happens to us all the time.