Sunday, February 21, 2010

Parties #2 and #3

Sunday was a busy day. We attended not one, but two parties bringing the party total for the weekend to three. Party #2 was Lilly's 3rd birthday party and party #3 was just an excuse to watch TV and eat pizza at my brother's house.

This is before heading to Lilly's b-day. Michael thinks Spencer looks pompous. I think he looks tall. He was standing on the island, but I think this is a good way for me to prepare myself for my son being taller than me some day.

Lilly loves Dora. Spencer wore a Dora party hat just long enough for me to take this blurry picture. I think we need a new camera. Ours isn't taking very good photos lately. We played pin the watch on Dora. There was a Dora cake.The birthday princess.
As Lilly opened her presents she gave a hug to the gift giver. A few minutes after she hugged Spencer he came up to me and said, "more hug. Hug again." I said, "who do you want to hug?" He said "Lilly". They ended up hugging like 10 more times. Each time was initiated by Spencer. Lilly was a good sport about it. Me and Chelsea (aka Lilly's mommy). We ended up staying until everyone else had left. We helped clean up while Spencer and Lilly sat outside and had a second go-round of cake. Ah. Young, toddler, forced by your moms love.Dora themed 3rd birthday parties that involve 10 rounds of hugs are exhausting. I like the one sock on, one sock off look. After Spencer's nice long nap we went to Nathan and Kendra's house to watch the U of A basketball game and the USA v Canada men's ice hockey game.Alex and Tionna were there so it was nice to spend a little more time with them. Spencer was calling Tionna "Tuna".This is the last picture I was able to take. I guess I ignored the red low battery light for too long.


The Yager Family said...

I love a good huggy party!
Thanks so much again for coming and for everything! Let's plan a visit, here or there, soon!

Maryellen said...

Party fun. Spencer does look like he could recite Shakespeare in his pompous picture. ;)