Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is my mother-in-law (seen here with my father-in-law and Spencer at the zoo).

Like I said before, my MIL and Aunt Sandy and I went shopping after the zoo on Saturday. My MIL bought me this dress.

I know it looks like some sort of shapeless blob on the hanger. This is a similar dress on a person. It really does have a cute, sort of 50's-ish cut.
Isn't my MIL the best? Other people's MIL's give them nothing but grief. Mine gives me Calvin Klein.


Kendra Forgacs said...

Here is one word to sum up how I feel right now: jealous.

Here is one tv show to sum up my life: Everybody Loves Raymond

Maryellen said...

So so cute.


lady of leisure said...

Where is the picture of you modeling the super cute dress?

Laura said...

I'm going to piggyback off of Kendra's comment -

1. Yes, Jealous
2. Here is one movie to sum up my life: Psycho.

Nuff said.