Thursday, February 11, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4

#1) We put Spencer to bed a couple nights ago and then couldn't find Ginger. A quick search of the house and this is what we found. I secretly love this. Every dog needs a boy and I've been looking forward to the day that Ginger falls in love with her boy. Spencer gets PISSED when she lays on his bed though, so we made her move.

#2) Spencer has decided that shorts are where its at. Even when it's 45 degrees outside. He is fighting us every day about wearing pants. At night we're letting him sleep in long sleeves and shorts. He picked this outfit 2 days ago.

Spencer was on the verge of a meltdown when we agreed to let him wear PJ shorts over his pants to go for a walk last night. I think this will look mighty fine in his 8th grade yearbook.
#3) Michael brought these treats in to work with him today- chocolate covered strawberry cake truffles, vanilla covered red velvet cake truffles, white chocolate cherry fudge and cinnamon red hot bark.
If only I could figure out how to quit the SLP business for good and become a pastry chef/party planner/ recipe developer. (Without much effort or time involved.)

#4) I have started researching preschools for Spencer. Do you know how sick to my stomach it makes me to be sending my baby (who was born, what? like 45 seconds ago) off to school in 6 months? And lest you think I'm being a wee bit too proactive in my searching- I already missed the enrollment deadline for one school. It was February 10th. For an August start. Yeah. Crazy. A bunch of other deadlines are coming up the first week in March. I'm looking for a 3 morning a week preschool, not Harvard Law. Crazy.


The Yager Family said...

Oh boy, preschool! Good luck with the search, cute pics, and I am totally jealous of every single one of Michael's coworkers who got to enjoy those treats!

lady of leisure said...

If it makes you feel any better or less crazy, I have already started looking at preschools and Tyler is not even 1!!!

Team Eliza said...

1. a boy and his dog . . . too precious for words

2. Spencer's new cool hip trend of wearing socks and plaid shorts is right in step with what all of the "cool toddlers" are wearing!

3. I sooooooo wish I had a wife who baked!

4. Ummmm if you expect him to go to Harvard (as I am sure you do) - you had better find the right preschool soon. One educational misstep can ruin any hopes of attending an Ivy League school. ;)

The Yager Family said...

PS every time I look at your blog title, I get "I declare a thumb war" stuck in my head.

Maryellen said...

Ginger loves her boy...too sweet. Also, I was really proud of my baking I did on Thursday until I saw the treats you make for Michael to take to work. You've got skills for days.