Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Double Digits

Spencer turned TEN YEARS OLD last Wednesday.  It's totally unbelievable. 

Also unbelievable is that Winston is in Tucson and we didn't know it so I may have ordered a pinch hitter elf on Amazon with same day delivery so that "Winston" could deliver Spencer's birthday present.  When he arrived he looked nothing like Winston so we had to disguise him.  In a basket.  On a high, high shelf. 

He lowered his gift using a paper streamer.  He's magical.  Go with it. 

Spencer was absolutely thrilled. It made the whole ridiculous thing worth while. 

After he opened Winston's present Spencer went to breakfast with Daddy.
Then I went to work and the kids went to school and Michael stayed home and cuddled with Ginger all day. 

Once we all returned home Spencer was all about opening his gifts.  We got him 14 Pokemon stuffed animals (I bought them second hand on Facebook marketplace) and put each one in a separate bag to make it appear he was getting a lot. 

I also took a picture of him with each gift, so, enjoy. 

We found this in the bag that we put the GOLD Picachu in.  It's from Spencer's Golden 6th birthday party.  Can you believe that coincidence?!  I don't recognize the writing though so I don't know what the gold gift was.

This has been a HUGE hit. 

Cash from grandparents

Cash from parents.  He's saving up to buy a laptop. 
After presents we took all of the official pictures.  There will be a whole post with them, so these are not official. 

We did some 10-years-later comparison shots. 

To make these epic collages. 

And some "real" pictures. 

Then it was time for dinner.  Spencer wanted good hamburgers at a real restaurant so we went to Zinburger. 

Elliott wanted to wear a tie so he could be fancy. 

Spencer picked a (free) piece of chocolate cream pie for dessert. 

We had no problem helping him finish it. 
Which makes it so much more ridiculous that we went out for Thai rolled ice cream after dinner.  It was Spencer's choice. 

They were rolling my coffee ice cream.

Spencer's.  He got a toasted tower of marshmallows because it was his birthday. 



Michael's.  His came with a toasted tower of marshmallows. 
Back at home Spencer wanted some glamour shots with his new Pokemon. Is that word plural or should it be Pokemons? 

And then finally, 48 hours of birthdays were done. 

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Cat said...

I love that Winston appeared!