Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Work, and an unexpected vacation

I went in for my second day of work on Tuesday, August 1st.  My plan was to work four days last week- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Monday and Tuesday was training and prep, kids were supposed to start on Wednesday.  During our Tuesday morning training it was announced that the first day of school was being delayed to the following Monday due to an entire variety of reasons that are not really important.  So I worked two days and then had three unexpected days off. 

I used Tuesday to complete my required cyber security training.  I have to do it every year.  Since everybody at my school works for the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and the BIE is under the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the BIA is under the Department of the Interior (DOI), we have to do the DOI test.  It's ridiculous and not at all relevant to working in a small, rural school, but whatever.

This year the "class" was set up like a video game. 

It didn't make it any more enjoyable. 
I also got my new ID badge that day.  Edited to remove all personally identifying information per information learned in the DOI class (that I knew anyway, so I still maintain the class is not relevant).
I also finished setting up my room. 

This is sitting at my makeshift desk looking to the right. 

This is when you first walk in.  I edited all of the personal info again.  

New to me, but actually 30+ years old, Sandra Boynton pictures. 

I actually have a wall mounted white board in this room.  Remarkable!

From the "therapy" area looking back at my "office" area. 
On my way home I was thinking about how I have now been at this school for seven whole years and I still say good morning and good bye to the corn (when it's growing) by school.  So I took a picture. 

I also talk to this horse every day. 
Wednesday was my first unexpected home day.  Michael is taking Wednesdays off this year, so we were home together.  We went out to lunch and then went to see War for the Planet of Apes.

When the kids got home from school we went to Target. 

I bought this cute velvet jacket from the little girl's section.  It's an XL.   

This is my picture
This is from the Target website.  They call it a kimono and it probably is on a seven year old.  It's cropped on me. 

I just loved the sleeves. 
Somewhere in there I went to the mall and bought a Leaves candle.  Leaves and Sweater Weather are my two favorite fall scents and this was a one day only sale. 
Thursday was my second unexpected vacation day. I decided it was going to be a day to completely stay at home. 

My dad recently gave me the metal milk crate that delivered milk to my grandparents in the 1950's.  It felt like a good day to take a picture of it.  I've got it sitting by the fireplace. 

I also did a lot of movie and TV watching.  Ginger was my companion. 

She was a happy little girl. 
Once the kids got home from school and Michael got home from work we went to Costco.  Then Elliott and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  A big storm was rolling in.  There was actually a weak funnel cloud in Phoenix.  I think I captured the top of it in this picture. 

The purpose of the trip to BBB was to get a spiralizer.  I made zucchini spaghetti for dinner that night. 

The kids were all into making it.  Not so much into eating it. 

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