Thursday, August 3, 2017

Another new room

The second day that the kids went to school (July 25th) I went to work for six hours.  I met with my new supervisor and then spent the rest of the day moving into my new room.  My new room is huge and totally awesome.  It's so awesome that I am terrified they will take it back at any minute and give it to someone else.  

I've moved four times in less than a year, so I'm getting pretty good at it and also irritated by it.   I took pictures before moving anything.  It looks so different and so much better now. 

There is a little hallway when you walk into the building.  This is standing in the doorway from the hallway looking straight. 

To the right. 

To the left. 
This is my old office completely emptied. The huge desk that was in here went into a different office so it exposed the wall that was painted without moving the furniture.  Bad, bad, bad idea to paint without moving furniture. 
When I got home that day our neighbors had finally hired a crew to cut the huge dead part of their mesquite tree out of their backyard. 

We are so glad to see that beast go. 

This was after half the tree (the dead part) was removed. 

I'm not sure if we have any "before" pictures, but the "after is much better. 
Tuesday was day one of Michael and I back to healthy, whole-30 eating.  I used the instant pot to make a pork roast. 

Watermelon, pork roast, sauteed sweet potatoes, and arugula with lemon vinaigrette. 
Wednesday the 16th was a sizzling hot day, so I drove the kids to the bus stop.  I waited in the air conditioned car until they got on the bus.  

Ginger waited with me.  Then we went to the park for a walk. 

Enjoying some sun beams. 

One of my goals now that both kids are in school is to clear the DVR of all of the movies and shows that have been sitting on there for years.  I'll have Monday and Friday to watch stuff once my regular schedule starts.  I decided to work from the bottom (oldest) up to the top (recent).  I recorded Milk in April 2011.  And I finally watched it!
As soon as Elliott got home from school we went to Phoenix Children's for an ultrasound.  They did his entire abdomen, but this was the last thing they did- his bladder.  

No results yet, but it's on my to-do list to call and ask. 

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