Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Preparations for the 4th

I try to not drive anywhere that is more than about five miles away, unless I have multiple reasons to do it.  I won't leave the tiny radius around our house to run just one errand than is ten miles away, but I'll certainly do it if I can hit five stops all at once.  Three places seems to be my minimum to make a trip. 

On Sunday, July 2nd I decided to drive to Tempe Marketplace which is close to ten miles from us.  There were four places I needed to go to, plus another two that I could add, since they were there too. 

Stop number one.  Penzey's.  I bought a spice blend and salt and got a free cinnamon. 

Stop number two.  H&M.  Apparently Elliott wears a size 8 to 10 years from H&M now, so the shirt set I bought him in 6 to 8 years needed to be exchanged. 

Stop three.  Bath and Body Works.  I needed one more fourth of July/summer foaming hand wash.  I went with this Lakeside Afternoon because it's a summery scent and the bottle is red and blue. 
Stop four.  Ross.  I've been looking for new mats for in front of the sink and the island.  I wanted them to be long, matching to each other, not terribly obnoxious in print and $12.99 or less each.  I've been actively looking for three months and had not yet been successful.  Until now. 

These will also serve as the "before" pictures to see how worn they get by the 4th of July 2018.  My bet is the sink one (this one) looks significantly worse than the island one in a year. 

I also went to Cost Plus and Stein Mart but got nothing in either place. 

Then Michael brought the kids and met me at Costco so we could buy new backpacks before the sold out.  We were there when Michael mentioned that Blaine was playing that day, so we decided to go out for lunch and to see him. 

The backpacks at Costco.

I took a picture to send to Joni, like I always do.
Sunday afternoon was all about finalizing the 4th of July decorations.

Spencer's Roosevelt project got incorporated into the decor.  We just don't know what to do with this poster board. 

This was also when I realized Michael had "hidden" booze bottles all over the dish hutch.  My aunt and uncle sold their home in Flagstaff and gave these to us because they don't want to move them.  I told him to find a place to store them.  He apparently found a place. 

I also took off my Wonder Woman manicure.  My pointer didn't wear well. 
I forgot to mention that Spencer lost a tooth when we were at lunch.  The manager gave him a little to go cup to put it in and Spencer left it in the car when we got home.  A couple of hours in a car in the Arizona heat and the tooth split in half.

This is already split in half, but I put the halves together to show you what it should have looked like. 

Split in half. 
On Monday the 3rd Elliott started new swim lessons.  We've got him in day time lessons for two weeks.  There was hardly anybody there.  It was awesome. 
That afternoon the kids had "quiet time" in their rooms, which means they were driving me crazy so I banished them.  I did some speech therapy supervision via video conference and then gave myself a patriotic jamicure manicure. 

And then we did salt fireworks.  I think it's the first craft project we've done in, like, a year. 

Picture of the new backpacks. 

Pictures of the lost teeth before the new ones are completely in. 

Up next: the 4th of July! 

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