Thursday, May 11, 2017

Date day

Elliott was invited to ANOTHER early Sunday morning birthday party on the 7th.  He wanted daddy to take him, so we decided we'd just turn it into date days with the kids. 

Spencer and I went out to breakfast first. 

This is his good smile. 
Then we came home and watched The Chamber of Secrets.  Spencer finished reading it last week.  Now he's already 100 pages into The Prisoner of Azkaban. 

Ginger was thrilled about it. 

We turned down the AC and put our jammies back on so we could be cuddly with blankets. 

While we were breakfasting and watching the movie, Michael and Elliott were at the birthday party, 

and then they went to the mall.
After the movie was over I got frustrated with the spice organization in the pantry.   The two-tier revolving spice racks have never spun very well so stuff gets put in the back and then I never see it again. 

I fixed everything with a quick trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond. 
On that same trip I also went to Costco and spent $97 on food.  So of course I was then incapable of making dinner and relented to McDonald's for the kids.  They really wanted the Super Mario toys in the happy meal.  Blech. 

We ate outside.  There was a storm rolling in and I hate to even admit that we were a little chilly out there.

Michael and I had Five Guys. 

Even Ginger felt chilly.  She was ready to come back inside.  

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