Sunday, May 7, 2017

Chase Field again

Mike and Cathy flew home to New Hampshire last Saturday.  We took them out to breakfast that morning and then we went on a tour of Chase Field.  It was the perfect activity before taking them to the airport.  

Cathy and I did the Chase Field Tour when she came to visit in 2013, but it was new for everyone else and it was still enjoyable for us the second time around. 

The pool can be rented for $6,500 and it fits about 40 people.  So really, if you got 40 people to agree to it it would be pretty affordable.  It comes with free parking, a towel, slippers and food for each person.  So it's actually a bargain if you get 40 people to go with you. 

There was a corporate event going on that morning with corporate executives playing a "real" game- with announcers and music and uniforms and the score board and everything. 

Art work outside of the suites. 

In the dug out. 

You can also buy a ticket to sit in the dugout next to the players dugout.  This sign is posted in that dugout. 

The championship trophy. 

The championship ring. 

After the tour we went to the TGIFriday's that is in the stadium to have drinks and a snack.  We really just needed to kill some time and it was a pretty view from up there. 
There was a Diamondbacks game that afternoon so we got to watch them watering the dirt.  I wonder how you apply for that job.  It also seemed to take a big crew.  One person to aim the hose and two to hold it. 

The players were starting to warm up by the time we left. 
After I took Mike and Cathy to the airport I stopped at the mall to spend some Children's Place cash I had.  I also stopped into H&M.  This was in the men's section.  Probably the stupidest shirt I have ever seen. 

I offered to buy these shoes for Elliott.  He had no interest. 
That night, even though I had already driven 1,000 plus miles in 4 days Spencer and I drove to Bobby and Kathy's house in north Phoenix for a party.  Elliott was too exhausted to attend so Michael stayed home with him. 

Travis feeding Hadley. 

Spencer thought he was going to go in the pool but decided it was too cold. 

I had an adult juice box because did I mention the 1,000 miles in 4 days?

I took a selfie with Hadley and then she spit up on me. 

We actually came home from the party at a very reasonable time and then I'm fairly certain I slept for 10 hours that night. 

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