Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ants on a log and a picnic

I'm feeling pretty excited and accomplished that I caught up to the space time continuum pretty quickly after all of the blogging excitement of having out of town company.  We're already talking about last Wednesday, which is less than a week ago, all the way to Saturday, which is way less than a week ago.

On Wednesday I made ants on a log for myself for lunch while Elliott was at school. 

I use this mixed nut butter from Trader Joe's.  It's spectacular. 

On Wednesday evening we put together our Teacher Appreciation gifts. 
For the two teachers: a reusable shopping bag, napkins, raspberry chocolate, a face mask, sparkling water and two sets of file folders.  All pink. 
For the the teacher's aids and teachers at Elliott's day care: sparkling water, bath bomb, chapstick or nail polish, raspberry chocolate and a fruit/chia seed bar. 

Food items in one bag, beauty items in the other. 

All done.

Big pink bags for teachers. 

Thursday was May the Fourth Be With You day. 
I was a total failure and sent everybody to work and school in regular/non-Star Wars clothes.  My punishment is that it was 110 degrees in the parking lot when I left work.  It dropped a degree before I could take a picture.  
On Friday we went to the end of the year picnic for Elliott's second year of preschool.  It was five years and one day after we went to the picnic for Spencer's first year of preschool.  

Let's go to the flashback pictures. 

Not yet five months old Elliott. 

Four year old Spencer.  
Flashback over.

Back to current time.  

I made Spencer do this. 

So I could do a perfect comparison. 

I made and brought a really good mixed green salad with caramelized onions, bacon, and orange balsamic dressing.  Michael and I were the only ones to eat any of it.  
On Saturday Maryellen and I went out to breakfast and then went to see Beauty and the Beast again.  Then I ran errands on my own.  It was a glorious day. 

We spent the rest of the day at home doing not much of anything.  Which made it rather ridiculous when I had to get Spencer out of bed five minutes after he went to bed to take his 9 year- 8 month picture.  


Party plans for the big 10 are well under way. 

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