Thursday, April 6, 2017

The ceiling and my school picture

Last Wednesday, March 29th, Blaine came over to our house at about 10 am to paint the ceiling.  I took a decent before picture right before he arrived. 
Also, right before he arrived, this large truck pulled up across the street and started making the most God-awful loud sound. 
Turns out the fire hydrant across the street had failed its inspection and needed to be replaced. This is a fire hydrant digging out truck. It uses water pressure to rip all the dirt out from around it. 
Also, who knew that fire hydrants go down like 8 feet under the dirt?  I did not know that.  See the hydrant?  There is a man in that hole!  But he's so deep you can't see him.

Here he is hoisting himself out. 

And more God-awful loud water digging. 

Elliott and I took Ginger for a walk (and talked to the fire hydrant guys which is why I know what was happening) and when we returned Blaine was done with the top ceiling part of the ceiling. 

Then Elliott decided he wanted to paint too. 

An hour later it was looking good!

Still painting when I took Elliott to school. 

And three hours later.  Done. 

I am thrilled with it.  Absolutely thrilled. 

That afternoon Ginger didn't hear me come home after picking Elliott up. 

This is how she waits for us when we're gone. 

That night she was a bum and slept on the hard wood floor with her feet on her soft bed. 

I worked last Thursday.  My school picture was waiting in my mailbox when I got there.  It's been about three years since I've had one taken. I forgot they were going to be on that day so the perfect shirt was an absolute accident.  It's too bad that all they gave me for free was an 8 x 10.  Seriously?  What photography company gives an adult an 8 x 10?

The custom novelty items were a bit tempting. 

But the regular picture packages were way expensive. 
Here's a bonus for you that didn't make it into the title. Last Friday, the last day of March, I taught Art Masterpiece in Spencer's class.  When I went to get the materials out of the room they were all missing.  So, we made what was available work.

After doing Art Masterpiece for four years all I really care about at this point is that the kids have fun.  I rarely follow all of the "rules" anymore. 

I got this awesomeness at Hobby Lobby that day. 

And a frame for my free bunny printable. 

Friday was a strangely cool day so when Michael got home we took the kids to the park. 

Then we went out for dinner and then we took the kids for $1.31 scoops at Baskin Robbins.  But that all remained unphotographed, so you will have to take my word for it. 

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Cat said...

Ceiling looks good. I feel so educated on fire hydrants now. I will have to try to impress my firefighter friend with this knowledge.