Sunday, April 9, 2017

Nick and a new bike

I posted my school picture on Facebook because I thought it was a rather laughable shot. It's still especially hilarious to me that they gave me an 8x10.  But all of my friends seemed to be fond of it and wanted a copy, so last Saturday, the 1st, I took a picture of the picture and had some copies made at Costco.  NOT an April Fool's Day joke either.

It's surprisingly decent quality for a picture of a picture.

After those shenanigans we met Nick at his friend's dad's house in Phoenix for drinks and dinner. 

And I gave him the ski jacket I bought for him.  Original price: $120.  Paid: $20.
On Sunday the 2nd Elliott and I went to Cost Plus to buy some Buy One Get One Free Coffee.  I was perusing all of the choices when he picked up a bag, handed it to me and said, "Here. You should buy this French Roast."  So, apparently Elliott can now read and he's a fan of dark roasted coffee.
Then we went to Home Goods.  I was looking for something.  Oh yes, Easter stationary cards.  I didn't find any.

But I was very much in love with these maps. 

I wish I had somewhere to hang them in my house. 

I didn't find the Easter cards, but I did buy an album for my growing jamberry nail wrap collection. 

On Sunday afternoon Michael and I worked on clearing out the piles of junk that have accumulated in the garage.  

See these diapers?  I bought them when SPENCER was a baby to keep in the car as emergency back-up.  They've been in the car for seven plus years and in the garage for six months.   They went in the trash.  Which I felt bad about, but seven plus years in a car?  I couldn't give them to anybody to actually use. 
On Monday the 2nd Elliott and I had breakfast with Uncle Nick and his friend.  Elliott took this hideous picture. 
Then Elliott and I went to the park.

My phone went gremlin on me. 

When I got home from taking Elliott to school Ginger was FREAKING out because someone was walking by the front of the house.  She didn't hear me come in, so I caught her standing on the couch barking. 

This is her reaction when I called to her. 




Mom Mom Mom MOM!

When did you get here?

Oh mommy!  It is YOU!
I finished putting all of the Easter decorations up on Monday.  I was going for a more natural look for the mantel. 
I don't love it.  Something about the wooden bunnies on the left are not working.  I don't know how to fix it though. 
The cactus blooms in the front yard are definitely working though.  They are gorgeous this year.  So I did some glamour shots. 

Ok, moving on.

As we worked on the garage the day before Michael and I became embarrassingly aware that we had never bought Elliott a bike.  He was still riding his little red trike.  So on Monday afternoon we went to Walmart and fixed that problem. 
We looked for a new one for Spencer too.  He's never been able to handle his bike because it's always been too heavy for him.  We didn't find out he loved though. 

Then we went out to dinner. We sat on the patio because our patio days are numbered.  Summer is coming!

Spencer had gone to the bathroom when a family was seated at the table behind us.  I was telling Michael how much this woman looked like Spencer's second grade teacher. 
Spencer came back and asked what we were talking about.  I said, "do you see that woman sitting behind daddy?"  And he said, "you mean that woman that looks exactly like Mrs. K?"  

So yeah, I found twins who don't know about each other. 

When we got home from dinner we decided to take then bike for a spin.  But first, more glamour shots with the now closed blooms. 

Except for these two.  They refused to fall to peer pressure and stayed open. 

Come on boys.  Let's get going!

The inaugural ride. 

My phone freaks out when I try to take pictures using the flash when the battery gets too low.  It'll just shut down and then restart under such strenuous conditions.  

Look!  It only took 3/4 of a picture. 

It was a beautiful evening. 

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