Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring break continues

I am always looking for creative gifts to give my parents for Christmas.  Something that's not a "thing".  Something that is more of an experience or an event.

For Christmas 2016 we gave them a wine tasting for four people at Carlson Creek Vineyard in Willcox. We were also supposed to take them to dinner after.  Then time rolled on and we were getting close to the date that the certificate needed to be used before it expired, so because of when we could all do it (which was Saturday, March 18th), we modified the gift and took them to breakfast first.  But an expensive breakfast.  Not just Denny's.  It was the same place we went for our 15th anniversary breakfast, I just didn't take any pictures this time.  But my mom got a $16 eggs benedict, so I promise you it was a posh breakfast. 

The wine tasting room was in a cute little modified home in downtown Willcox.  You know, the bustling metropolis of Willcox.
(and for those of you that don't know, Willcox is a tiny little town in southern AZ.  There is nothing bustling or metropolitan about it.)

There were two tasters already there when we arrived and several groups of people came and went while we were there.  

I liked their labels

I also liked this wine bottle holder.  If anybody is looking for a gift for me, this will do. 

Their wine tasting selection.  We tried all of them, plus a few more bonuses. 

They had t-shirts for sale.  We should have bought some.  I think they are really cute. 

We ended up buying 20 bottles.

Thirteen for my parents and seven for us. 
And BTW, my brother took the kids for the day.  They went to an indoor jumping trampoline place.

He sent me two proof of life pictures. 

Only of Elliott though.  There was no proof of life for Spencer. 
The next day, on Sunday the 19th, Michael took the kids to his parents house and my mom and I spent most of the day grocery shopping (me), cleaning (her), working out (me) and making dinner (both).  But the only thing I have to show for it is the dessert I made. 
We had nine people over for dinner, you would think there would be more evidence, but nope.  Just some coconut cupcakes. 
Michael left Tucson and drove home on Sunday night, because he had to work on Monday morning. The kids and I didn't leave until late morning on Monday March 20th. 

But first Ginger had to take a nap wedged into a very uncomfortable position. 
My mom is currently on a trip to Ireland and Wales with two of her cousins, so the day we drove back home she asked me to go to Scottsdale to buy some euros and pounds for her.  She had waited until it was too late and there was nowhere in Tucson to buy the amount she wanted.  Plus I got her a prepaid debit card loaded with both euros and pounds and there are only two places in AZ to get one. 

Since we had to drive to Scottsdale to go to the bank that would do it, I took the kids to The Sugar Bowl (a historic restaurant) in Scottsdale for lunch.  Every time I go there I'm disappointed in the food.  I think it's too expensive.  I think they are charging based on nostalgia.  Personal opinion. 

Spencer wanted a picture of his burger with his burger shirt. 

The ice cream was really good. 

It wasn't until the evening on Monday the 20th that I finally realized/remembered we had never taken Elliott's monthly picture on the 16th.  It's my biggest picture fail to date. 

We took some in the hallway just in case I wasn't able to edit the picture of him with Max that was actually taken on the 16th.  But I was able to, so these are just happy bonuses. 

And the next day, on Tuesday the 21st I said goodbye and went back to work.  But that's another post for another time.  Hopefully tomorrow.   But more likely in an entire week. HA!

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