Friday, March 31, 2017

A split week

Last week was a hard week because I was back at work, but the kids were still on spring break.  I find it to be extremely difficult to get myself to work and to focus on work when we're out of our regular routine at home. 

My first day back was March 21st.  Tuesday.  

I needed a fun and exciting game for my therapy sessions because nobody wanted to be back after break.  We found it in Jeepers Peepers.  Here's the description of the game:
Am I a monkey? A hamburger? An astronaut? How many questions will it take to find out?
That’s the question on everyone’s mind-or glasses-inJeepers PeepersThe "Ask and Answer" Question Game that builds questioning skills, describing skills, categorizing skills, problem solving skills, and more! Have one student put on the glasses. Place a photo card in the Peepers slot without showing it to the student. Have the student face the other players and use the Cue Card to ask yes/no questions to find out what he/she is! Then, have everyone play!

I let the kids pick my cards for me.  All day long they kept picking food for me to guess. This is what I looked like when my supervisor walked into the middle of a therapy session. 

I was so hungry after playing all day. 

Ginger was not amused that she was left alone for the first time in about 11 days. 
I took a screen shot of this on Wednesday the 22nd.  I took no other pictures the whole day.  This low carb bread is the only thing I have to show for that day in our lives.  Pathetic. 

I partially redeem myself by having a picture of the new shoes I wore on Thursday the 23rd.  
Remember when I told you about Elliott's blackhead on his nose?  And how I could not get it out?  Well I bought a new blackhead remover on amazon and it was delivered that day.  

I had very high hopes that this would be the last we saw of this guy.

Ugh.  Look at it.
So never mind how raw and red his skin looks here.  It totally worked with very minimal pain and skin damage and we said bye-bye to this horrid nose bump.  Hopefully for forever. 

His prize was an entire box of popsicles that he got to select at the store.  He picked pomegranate. 

Ginger did not care one bit about the blackhead. 
Spencer was having his friend Julian over to spend the night on Friday the 24th.  I had been telling him all of spring break that he needed to have his disaster of a room picked up before Julian came over.  After two whole days of "working" on it, he called me in for the inspection.  

And this is what I pulled out from under his bed, in his closet, under his desk and dresser and shoved into the corners.
I think he spent two days just organizing the top of his desk.  And he somehow didn't understand that this is exactly the stuff that we wanted him to clean up.  It's not that he hid this stuff thinking we wouldn't see it.  He didn't get that this is why his room was a mess and that THIS is what he needed to clean. 
There were two hours left before Julian arrived when I told Spencer he would not be allowed to play with Julian unless he went through this entire pile and divided it into four sections- trash, recycle, donate and keep.   And then the keep pile had to be put away/organized in an orderly fashion.  And by golly, by the time Julian got here, his room was done. 

I give him eight weeks before we're right back to where we started. 

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