Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Disneyland '17- Day 3

Before we jump into the good times that were had on the last day of Disneyland I need to tell everybody in the blogosphere that my Aunt Karen passed away yesterday after having a heart attack last week and a stroke on Monday.  I'm in no mood to do this right now, but she was a dedicated reader of the blog so I will press on in her honor. 

We started the third day (Saturday, January 28) at 5:00 am when Elliott started coughing and then gagged and threw up all over the bed I was sharing with him.  So, I got up and drove to Walgreens and purchased $50 worth of medication and saline spray and a new snot sucker to just get him through the day.  Since we were all up anyway we decided we might as well get to Disneyland when it opened. After large coffees of course  When we got there Spencer and I went on Space Tours while Michael and Elliott did Buzz Lightyear.  Then we met up for Autopia.  Michael took selfies of him and Elliott, but it will be 2056 before he gets around to sharing them with me.  

Spencer drove while I pressed the gas.

He is a terrible driver and we had a blast.
After we went on the Finding Nemo submarines we met up with my parents outside of A Small World.  We caught the end of the marching band. 
Unfortunately Disneyland spent the whole month of January lollygagging and dillydallying and didn't get Holiday Small World taken down and Regular Small World put back up.  Seriously.  WTF Disneyland?  A suggestion: stop fiddling about with a stupid light parade from the mid-1990's and focus on the rides that people actually care about.  I love you, Disneyland, but this was just stupid. 

My dad was devastated.

Then we headed to Toon Town where we tried rather unsuccessfully to get a good family picture. 

Mickey's house.  We did not wait the 45 minutes for an autograph at the end. 

This is my dad's idea of a quality family picture. 

After Toon Town we used our fast passes to go on Hyper Space Mountain.  Elliott and my dad went on Autopia again. 
Then, while my parents went to California Adventure to get fast passes for Soarin' Over the World, it was time for ice cream with Nick and Dan, who finally showed up around lunch time. 

And Elliott took the most flattering picture of me. 

We met Pluto on Main Street. 

And the kids and I did the teacups while everybody else did Peter Pan. 

We had some time to kill and Nick wanted to go to the Pooh store, so we headed over to Critter Country. 

I don't think I've ever noticed this before.  I want to go in there. 

There were shenanigans. 

And my mom had an important phone call to take. 
There was a very tense visit to the Haunted Mansion. We had fast passes, but we didn't have a single minute to spare to make our dinner reservation and then the ride broke and we got stuck inside, but for less than five minutes.
Then it was time to head over to California Adventure for dinner. And by "head over" I mean we all ran through Disneyland and then we all ran through California Adventure and we made it to our 5:40 reservation at 5:39.  We dined at Wine Country Trattoria, and since alcohol is allowed in that park we had cocktails and several bottles of wine. 

Elliott was so willing to take a picture with me. 

I had lasagna, 

Elliott had the world's most expensive plate of spaghetti with butter and cheese,

Michael had pasta with bolognese,

and Spencer had pasta with marinara and meatballs. 
After dinner we met some characters and went on some rides (Little Mermaid and Monsters Inc)

Then we finally got to go on Soarin' Over the World (it had been broken the day before, which was a theme of pretty much every ride all three days) and then my parents took Elliott back to the hotel. 

The final five went back to Disneyland after California Adventure closed and we managed to stay until Disneyland closed at midnight.  Our second to last ride was Pirates.  Our last ride was Thunder Mountain Railroad, which we still called Thunder Canyon Brewery. 

And then we limped back to the hotel (not really, but we were plenty tired) for a good night's sleep. 

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Sherry said...

Ugh, this month has been crazy and I have been terrible at keeping up on facebook. I do keep up on instagram pretty well, but I missed this very sad news. I am soooo soooo sorry to hear about Aunt Karen. I know how much she meant to you. That is just the worst news. I can't remember if she is your dad's or mom's sister. I am thinking your mom's but not sure. She didn't seem that old either, and I know it is a tremendous loss for you all. Sending all my love and prayers! I am just trying to catch up a little on your blog tonight. I love comparing your Disneyland experiences to Disney World since that is all I know. California Adventure is the equivalent of Epicot, right? That's where all the great restaurants are and allows alcohol. I really want to go back to Disney but have been trying to wait until the kids were a little older so all can enjoy. Ha! Then, we spit out another one so it keeps getting pushed back. Hopefully, it will happen in the next few years. ;-)