Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Disneyland '17- Day 2

Day two started with just the four of us at California Adventure.  We got there before the park even opened and waited with the crowds to get in. 

Our first ride was Toy Story. 

Nick got there to join us right before we got on the ride.  I did rather better than Elliott. 

Next up: the carousel.

I like how Spencer is blurry and the handle is clear. 

My parents arrived right after our first spin around the carousel.  Then we went on the Mickey Wheel.  We got a sliding car.  I've never had a problem with the sliding car.  I think it's fun.  Apparently people out there are terrified of them though.  Elliott had a full on panic attack.  This was before we started moving and sliding. 

Look at this poor face.

Also, don't let Michael fool you.  He was totally sick. 
I wanted to get a Day 2 family picture as soon as possible and it's a good thing we did because of what happened next. 

We went on California Screamin' 

and right after this picture Michael totally puked. 

We rode a bunch of rides out on the pier and then had lunch. 

More rides. 

And then afternoon ice cream (while my mom and Nick and Dan (who finally showed up!) went on more rides). 
Elliott has been waiting his whole life for ice cream at Disneyland because of the photo books we have from our trips before he was born. 

After ice cream we went to A Bug's Land. 

We were back at Disneyland for dinner at Cafe Orleans that night.  Michael, Nick, Dan and I all got the Monte Cristo sandwiches.  Big mistake. 

This was mine.  Pre-eating. 

Post-eating.  There are about 20 pounds too much breading on this sandwich. 

And this is what happens when you are five and exhausted by two full days at Disneyland. 

Michael, Elliott, Gramme and Grandpa left for the hotel after dinner and the final four did some more rides.  Of course we ended the night on Pirates.  This time we didn't get stuck. 

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