Sunday, January 15, 2017


Phew!  I am done blogging about the holidays. 
Phew!  I am caught up in the blogging timeline.
Phew!  After weeks of being in Tucson, then days of eating out and ordering in I have lots of groceries in the house and have returned to cooking. 
Phew!  The laundry is (mostly) done.
Phew! I worked three days last week and survived. 

Last week was supremely boring.  Which is good.  We needed some boring to get caught up around here. 

We got up early on Sunday at my parent's house.  I took a picture of my nails with my dress. 
Then I took pictures of all of our Disney tickets just in case something tragic were to happen to them (lost them, burned them, soaked them in vinegar.  You know.  Those sorts of tragedies).
Then we drove home.  The rest of the day was spent napping, watching TV, cleaning, organizing, and doing laundry. 

On Monday I took one picture.  Of Elliott in bed. 
I worked on Tuesday.   I hung up a new picture and a new banner that I bought from the Target Dollar Spot.  All of the kids noticed and enjoyed them, which made me feel happy about doing it. 

On Wednesday we FINALLY took down the Christmas tree.  That baby was up for seven and a half weeks. 

I also found this buried under the mess on Elliott's desk.  I had put up everything else Christmas a week earlier, so I was fairly annoyed I had to pull out the bins and make room for this. 

On Wednesday I registered Elliott for kindergarten. 

It was also the five year anniversary of his second to last day in the PICU.  I made some comparison collages. 

The big boy wanted to have breakfast for dinner that night, so he helped me make Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip muffins. 
I worked on Thursday and nothing happened. 

I also worked on Friday and Michael was home with Elliott.  He took these two pictures of Ginger. 

I didn't know about those pictures when I took these pictures on Friday night. 

Did this dog move all day?

I made cauliflower brownies on Saturday.  The are grain free, sugar free and low carb.  And they tasted delicious. 
I forgot to take a picture of the actual brownies but I borrowed these from the site where I got the recipe.  Mine looked just the same. 

Lauren came over for dinner on Saturday night.  We ate and then watched Pete's Dragon.  I told Michael to go get a bottle of wine out of the wine refrigerator and he came back with this.  He said, "I hope Lauren doesn't get the wrong idea."  Funny guy. 

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