Sunday, January 8, 2017

Party for days

The day after Christmas found us doing a bit of after-holiday shopping.  Nothing crazy.  We just bought new lights for the house for next year and some tablecloths. Oh, and medicine for Elliott because he developed a pretty nasty cold.  

We had a leisurely afternoon that involved leftover boozy eggnog, leftover boozy plum pudding, pajamas and TV.
We went to see Rogue One with my parents and brother that evening.  Elliott stayed home with Rosemary and watched Scooby Doo.  Everybody really enjoyed their activities. 
My parents had a pretty big party on the 27th with all my dad's friends from high school and college.  They have this party every year.  

Ginger got booted out of the living room. 

I made a drink chart for my dad to hang by the bar. 
Every year for the last three or four years I've taken pictures of my parents with all their guests.  Maybe this year I will finally put them all in an album. 

Ginger found her best friend.  Mostly because he gave her ham. 

This picture had popped up on my Facebook memories from 2014. 

Shawn just happened to be at the party again in 2016, so we did a photo recreation. 

Side by side
On the 28th we were invited over to Josh and Laura's house for a party with them, Chelsea and Mike and all of our children.

Michael and I both wore grey, not on purpose.  Then I laughed when we got there and both Josh and Laura were in grey.  We joked about Chelsea and Mike showing up in grey and then guess what.......

This would have been a great picture if the child taking it didn't jiggle and make it blurry. 

Oh Spencer.  Just ruining pictures left and right. 

Josh broke out the jumbo candy for dessert. 

After we were home that night and the kids were in bed I texted Michael (who was in the living room) this picture.  It made so much sense at the time. 

It was a great couple of days of partying- and it continued the next day with our 15th anniversary. 

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