Friday, January 27, 2017

Friend weekend and yardwork

Last Friday, the 20th, a big group of us went out to dinner specifically to see Joni's husband Blaine sing. 
It was a good time with the ladies.  We didn't even intentionally have a boy side of the table and a girl side of the table.  It just happened. 

Whenever I see Blaine sing I take a picture with him and then text it to Joni.  This time I texted it to her from across the table. 

Elliott took this. 

Then he crawled under the table to join them. 

On Saturday Lauren and Maryellen and I met at the movie theater to see Lala Land.  Maryellen loved it, I was quite fond of it until the end and Lauren hated it.  We went to dinner after.  We spent five hours together and we have one picture
Also on Saturday Michael took Elliott to a birthday party.  No pictures.  Also on Saturday Spencer had his first ever sleepover at our house.  No pictures.  That is a mom and a blogging fail. 

On Sunday Michael took Spencer to his religious education class and I headed to the backyard to trim both of the trees.  It took close to three hours.  I only got two minor flesh wounds, a freshly tweaked neck injury and a possible concussion. 


Ginger "helped". 


We also decided it was time for this to go.  We just lifted it over the wall and gave it to our neighbors for their grandkids.  

This too. 

Coming up.........EEK!  Pre-Disney and our trip to DISNEYLAND!

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Cat said...

I'm on the fence re: La La Land. I'll expect a full report next week. 😉