Thursday, January 12, 2017

A festive house no more, and the rest of the first week of January

I had to go to work on January 3rd.  IT. WAS. AWFUL.  Nobody should be expected to work on January 3rd.  In fact, it is the National Festival of Sleep Day.  And there I was, getting up at 6:30 am and washing my hair like some sort of maniac. 

The only good thing about the day is that I got out of work early and Michael was home with the kids, so when I got home we took down Christmas decorations.  

I took a bunch of pictures, inside and out before dismantling anything and I'm going to show them now because I feel like I'm already 10 days passed when I should be showing holiday decorations.

This is the last year for the white icicle lights.  We bought colored lights for next year.  See the big chunk of lights at the very highest point that are out?  Yeah.  It's time for them to go. 

The rope lights around the pathway are new.  We're going to leave them up all year.

The skiing pig above is a few years old, but blow-up piggy is new. 

I think I need to re-wrap the wreath next year and do a better job at it. 

We took down everything but the outside lights and the tree on the 3rd.  The tree stayed up for an entire extra week, until the 11th.  It was ridiculous. 

The 2016 frame, picture and snow globe.  

We decided, after nine years of dark brown bases, to do red bases on the snow globe for five years.  They'll probably quit making them after four. 

The Christmas pig I got for my birthday!

I bought this for about 20 cents after Christmas last year. 

I somehow made it to the hallway to the kitchen and then completely quit taking pictures and got none of the kitchen or family room.  I had taken this one at the very start of the season. 
And that's it.  No more festive house.

On January 4th I labeled the cork from our 15th anniversary dinner and added it to the crystal bowl.  I think we've got about five more years before we need a bigger bowl. 
I worked again on January 5th.  It was just as awful as working on the 3rd.  Except for this little gem of a story that I instagrammed and facebooked both personally and in the speech therapy group I belong to. 

People seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did. 

(**edited for privacy purposes)  (**also, maximize, so you can actually read it.)

That night my brother Nick texted me a picture of his hot chocolate, so I texted him a picture of my wine. 

On Friday the 6th I put up my New Year decorations.  I have one teeny, tiny box full of them.

Spencer was 9 years 4 months old and we remembered to take his picture 30 seconds before bed. 
After the kids were in bed I did my third set of jamberry wraps. The consultant that I bought them from has a private Facebook group where lots of people post "nailfies" (selfies of nails), so I took a picture.  Let me tell you something.  It is really hard to photograph your own nails. 

And finally, I downloaded a new app on my phone for using filters on photos.  It automatically cartooned this picture and it's just about the scariest thing I've ever seen. 
Saturday was a big day but I might take like a one day break before blogging about it.  We'll see.  If I take a break there is a chance that I might never, ever come back. 

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Cat said...

Love your decorations as always. And I had to go back to work on Jan SECOND.