Friday, December 15, 2017

My dad's birthday

Every December my mom goes to San Diego for a few days with some of her girlfriends. This year they left the morning of my dad's birthday, Sunday December 10th. Since she was going to be gone on the big day I asked my dad to come up from Tucson on Saturday afternoon, baby-sit the kids on Saturday night and then we'd take him out for a big fancy brunch on his birthday.  And that's exactly what happened. 

We went to the Camelback Inn and had their amazing Sunday buffet.  We walked by this truck on our way in.  He wanted his picture with it. 
We arrived a few minutes early specifically so we could take pictures with the tree that I knew would be in the lobby. 

We asked a woman in the lobby if she would take our picture.  I don't want to be ageist, but she was youngish and looked like she'd probably taken a bunch of photos on a phone camera.   


This woman had no idea what she was doing. 

First of all, she backed away from us.  Who backs up and gets further away when taking someone's picture?  Then she started handing the phone back the second she pressed the button. 

There's like six more of these too. 

Then with a lot of instruction we were able to pull this off. 

We were brunching for something like two hours. 

I had specifically noted that we were celebrating two birthdays, so in addition to the dessert trays, 

We got two slices of cake. 

This was Elliott's plate. 

This was my dad's. 

One more shot of the tree. 

And then I got to sit between the kids in the back seat on the way home. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Double parties

On Saturday the 9th we were invited to Hadley's first birthday party at noon.  Her mommy and daddy, Monica and Rick had it at a local restaurant in their party room. It was great.  The tables were beautifully decorated, everybody could order whatever they wanted to drink, there was a huge buffet for lunch, and everybody could order what they wanted for dessert.  They are already planning on doing the same thing next year.

Travis made Hadley's smash cake

Spencer was a blurry photo bomber.

We haven't seen Brendan and Travis in months.  It was nice to hang out.   

Not quite sure what to do. 

Spencer and I split a cookie sundae.  Michael ate a whole one by himself and then regretted it the rest of the day. 

I bought Hadley a minions bathing suit about three weeks after she was born.  I tucked it away all year. 

We also got her a puzzle, 

bouncy balls, 

and a book. 

Spencer loved Hadley and Hadley loved Spencer. 

Hadley was born on December 9th and I went to the hospital to meet her about 2 hours after she was born.  Her party was on December 9th so I made sure to wear the same sweater top as last year so we could do comparisons. 

Just a little different. 

We had a nice family picture there too, even with the glasses that Elliott insisted on wearing to the party. 
After we got home my dad arrived totally ready to watch Elliott for the evening.  My mom was in San Diego with her friends and Spencer was at a friends house so it was just Elliott and my dad. 
Because Michael and I were going to the holiday party for the company I have been doing supervision for during the past year. 

It was in a large home and it was fancy.  There were two bars with bartenders and it was all catered. 

Christmas tree downstairs

Downstairs bar.  We had some of those pom pom mules.  Very tasty. 


There was at least 20 minutes of prize give-aways.  This is how we looked when we won nothing. 
We ubered home at the end of the party and just collapsed into bed because two parties is too much party for us.  And then I woke up at 3:00 am in a cold sweat because I was quite ill and it took until 4:00 to recover.  So that was delightful.