Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My fall break

The kids got two and a half weeks off from school for fall break.  My fall break was their second week off.

Monday of my fall break was Columbus Day.  I already blogged about that day, I just never specifically mentioned it was Columbus Day. 

On Tuesday I took both kids into a pediatric opthamologist for a check up.  We don't have vision concerns about either kid (they are both 20/20), but the appointments were more for the actual health of their eyeballs.  The doctor did a thorough exam including pupil dilation.  They hated it.  I thought it was hilarious. 

This wasn't even at their biggest. 

After the eye exam we met Michael for lunch and then we had to get back across town for Spencer's physical therapy evaluation.  He qualified for services and after the evaluation did his first session. 

Remember when I said this post was about my fall break?  Know what I did on Wednesday of my fall break?  I went to work.  For an 8 hour training.  A training that was completely 100% pointless for me.  It was a training, literally, of what I have been doing for seven years.  It would have been very helpful seven years ago, but now?  Not so much. 

I did get a nice laugh at the extension cord set- up for our laptops. 

I raced home from work on Wednesday afternoon and then Nick and I went out for our fancy French dinner. It was our Christmas 2016 gift to each other. 

We ordered everything from the petit plate menu. 
This is what we ate and the order we ate it in.

Foie Gras.  It was the best thing we ate the whole night. 

Eggs baked in red wine with mushrooms.  Splendid. 

Onion and bacon tart.  Mighty tasty but not the best thing ever.  Truffled fries with parmesan.  Delectable. 
Frogs legs with herbs and garlic (tasted like fishy buffalo wings.  Weird, in a good way) and scallops with vanilla dust (delicious). 
Croque madame (the best ever.  I could eat one every day), pig ear tenders with roasted red pepper sauce (tasted exactly like hot, deep fried pork rinds) and crispy petite ravioli with chorizo (not bad, not great either). 

Andouillette corn dogs (awful.  I ate one and made Nick have the rest). 
This is what we drank.  We also each had a cocktail but I didn't take pictures.  And don't worry.  We ubered there and home. 

Any dinner with four glasses of booze going at one time is A-OK. 

I hated these sunflowers on the wall.   
But I loved dessert. 

Tarte Tatin with ice cream. 


And a grand marnier souffle
The next day, slightly hungover and sick from too much French food, I took Spencer to see the dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic to get the referral for patch testing.  After four phone calls with Mayo, two calls with Phoenix Children's, multiple pieces of paperwork filled out, getting a sitter for Elliott and driving all the way to the wide open desert on the north side of Scottsdale, this is what happened in the appointment.  I'll summarize.  Doctor walks in.  Looks at us.  Looks at the paperwork.  Says, "oh.  He's on methotrexate and we can't do patch testing on methotrexate users".  Doctor walks out.  (There may have been a few more things, but they are unimportant).  So, basically I'm pissed that I wasted 7+ hours of my time on this "appointment" and I've already called the Mayo clinic twice to complain.  Guess what.  NOBODY has called back.  Because, jerks. 

I did take Spencer out for ice cream after the "appointment" (in sarcasm quotes, because, jerks).  The guy must have known I was frustrated because he made this for Spencer. 

There is still Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of my fall break, but now I'm tired and weak and will have to save it for another day.  Like, maybe and most likely, Friday. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Post-Reunion in Tucson

I forgot to include this picture of Spencer from the post about Friday night at my reunion.  I took it at my parents house between the football game and the bar. 

10 years 1 month.  Official.
Now we can jump to what we did in Tucson after the reunion. 

It's really important stuff.

I hosted an oreo tasting.   It was a blind tasting.  Only I knew what flavor was what.
The tasters included me, Michael, Spencer, Elliott, my mom and dad, Jerry and Lois, and my mom and dad's friends Steve and Kathy. 

Tasting and voting.  Lois brought a bottle of port to complete the experience. 

After counting all of the votes I announced the winners. The clear winner was Cookie Butter. 
Apple Pie came in second and Pumpkin Spice was third.  Pretty much only Elliott voted for Pumpkin Spice as their number one. 

Don't remember what this was about. 
Sunday afternoon my Massachusetts friend Megan said she wanted to see a comparison of my senior picture with my latest school picture. 

I delivered.

I delivered in multiple ways. 

And then I captured this horrific picture of Spencer's ankle. 

On Monday my mom requested that I go through all of these children's books she was getting rid of. 

Look at these books I found!  My grandparents gave them to my dad in 1950 and 1951!

And this one!  From my dad's 4th birthday in 1947. 


There were some shenanigans. 

And I took a picture of my parent's house for Julia. 

And then I continued on with all of their metal artwork for future purposes that not even I am sure about. 

They have an entire zoo in their side yard. 

We drove home on Monday afternoon and then Elliott and I went to Target at home.  There was an amazingly bright sunset on our way there. 

Elliott picked these fuzzy jammies out to buy. He's already worn them several times. 

So fuzzy and cute.