Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winston Watch 2016- Part 2

You might remember that the last time we saw Winston he was playing candy tic-tac-toe with Wonder Woman.  You probably don't remember that actually.  I'd be very impressed if you did. 

Well, Winston ate all the candy from the game so on Thursday the 15th he had been tied up with dental floss by the tooth fairy. 
Unfortunately, Elliott touched him that day and Spencer saw it so we had to perform a healing ceremony.  A healing ceremony in our house is as follows: I mix some peppermint extract with some baking soda and then we all sprinkle a little bit on him and tell him, "be well, Winston".  Then I wrap him up in a towel and he has to sleep it off.  Then his magic is back!  It's a miracle. 

On Friday the 16th Winston was in Elliott's room for Elliott's birthday.

He brought Elliott a milky way that I let him eat in the car that day.  That was a chocolaty mess.
On Saturday the 17th Winston was wearing a mask and a cape and was hanging upside down at the kitchen table chandelier.  He had a perfect view of all the action at Elliott's birthday party. 

On Sunday the 18th he was upside down in the chimney.  Upside down seems to have been a theme with him this year. 

Winston may or may not have forgotten to move at night so on Monday the 19th Winston was simply in Spencer's mini stocking in the kitchen. 

And he must have felt so cozy in there that on Tuesday the 20th he just moved to Elliott's stocking. 
On Wednesday the 21st Winston rigged a fancy swing to play on with his friends, Hulk, Wonder Woman and Iron Man. 

And he was wearing one of the pins from Elliott's party, because Winston is silly. 

On Thursday the 22nd Winston brought the kids more new plates and donuts from Krispy Kreme.  Winston was probably very strong in his resolve and didn't get any donuts for himself. 

He was in a juice carafe so he could watch from the table safely. 

On Friday the 23rd Winston was waiting by the laundry room door for his trip to Tucson. 
He convinced the crew from The Secret Life of Pets to go with him. It was also cold that night so maybe Winston was using them for warmth it was a four dog/one cat/one rabbit night. 

Saturday the 24th found Winston perched in a wreath in my parent's kitchen, probably so he could watch all of the Christmas Eve festivities.

On Christmas Day Winston was chilling in a cabinet in my parent's living room.  He had obviously found the ornament Spencer gave him as a gift.  He had a great seat to watch us opening presents.
And sadly, on Monday the 26th, Winston was gone.  Back to the North Pole.  He had left the kids a note, some candy and a dollar each to spend at Disneyland. 

I don't know how to explain it but I do have a gut feeling that we will see Winston again soon, way before Valentine's Day even.  I hope so, because that little fella is a fun part of our lives. 

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