Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Festival of trees and a lot of party prep

Arizona has our first Alamo Drafthouse. It opened on Friday, December 2nd.  We went on Sunday the 4th to see Moana.  I cried.  Because of the movie, not because Arizona has our first Alamo Drafthouse.

The food was awesome, the service was awful (just really, really, really slow) but we got 40% off our bill because the staff is still training, so we are definitely willing to give them another shot. 

We took the kids for milkshakes and the adults for coffee after the show. 

Then we drove through our old neighborhood where a duck caucus seemed to be convening. 

Look at this guy's fabulous hair!
Monday the 5th was an early day for all of us.  Spencer had an 8:30 dermatology appointment with an 8:00 check-in at Phoenix Children's Hospital. 

Nobody wanted to get out of bed, so they got out of theirs and into mine. 

We like December appointments because of the festival of trees.

There are a lot.  Just scroll.  Merrily. 

December 5th is the anniversary of when I went into labor with Elliott seven weeks before my due date.  It was a Monday in 2011 too.  We took pictures to commemorate the day. 

I worked on Tuesday the 6th.  I was doing an auditory comprehension/following directions activity with the kids when I thought this face looked familiar.

See the resemblance?
That night, after work, I made three pans of lasagna for Elliott's birthday party.  We have two freezers and currently no space left in either one. 
We also took Spencer's 9 year- 3 month pictures.  Sometimes I don't even recognize him. He's way closer to being a teen than to being a baby.


On Wednesday morning Elliott and I made homemade strawberry cakes for his party.

And in the afternoon we made homemade red velvet cakes for his party.  

The cakes are in the freezers with the lasagna. 

On Wednesday night something spooked Ginger.  I still don't know what.  For some reason she felt save on the little carpet by our bedroom door.  It made for an artistic photo with the mirror. 

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