Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Elliott's superhero party

Elliott might have told me before his 4th birthday party last year that he wanted a superhero theme for his 5th birthday.  If it wasn't before it was very soon after.  I tried for about nine months to do a different theme, because honestly, he doesn't care one bit about superheros.  It's not a thing he's ever been "in" to.  But, he held firm and in September I decided to just go for it. 

This was our main decoration.  Cheap plastic from the party store, but big impact. 

It was two different sets (Avengers and Justice League) that I put together.  I used some of the leftover pieces in the entry way. 
I bought Iron Man, Captain America, Batman and Ant man masks 50% off after Halloween.  We already had Spiderman and Hulk.  It took me about 6 attempts to get them to stay put on the cabinet doors. 

I had also bought a bunch of superhero trick-or-treat buckets after Halloween.  We used those for centerpieces.  We also let kids take them home.  We had a lot of people not come though, so I have lot of buckets left it anyone's in need. 

Hulk hands that Spencer's had for years.

That's an Iron Man fist. 
I made three cakes more than a week before the party.  I froze all of them and then frosted them the day before. 

Spiderman was red velvet. 

Hulk was pistachio.

Captain America was strawberry.

We forgot to get a family picture with the Snoopy cake last year.  We did better this year. 

The birthday boy. 

I had one appetizer.  Thor's hammers (cheese and pretzel sticks).

Bobby won for best dressed!

And Kathy was rocking the Superman boxers over tights. 
I made meaty lasagna, meaty baked ziti, not meaty lasagna and not meaty baked ziti.  It was entirely too much food.  There was also salad and garlic bread.

I never did get a picture of just the dining room table, but here it is with people. 

Time for presents. 


I can't remember why Maryellen made this face, but it was hilarious so I told her to do it again so I could take a picture. 

Cake time

My dad asked if he could use my camera while I was cutting the cake.  This is why.  My uncle had gone to sleep on our bed.  Post pan of lasagna and pan of baked ziti nap. 

These are also the only pictures I got of the little table in the living room.  I always have the best of intentions to get pictures of everything, but alas, I am not a professional photographer. 

My dad Larry and my uncles Terry, Gary and Jerry. 

And alphabetically, Gary, Jerry, Larry and Terry. 

After everyone left. 

And it was very soon after this that I got nauseous, started puking and then went to bed and slept for 11.5 hours straight.  I've asked around and I am the only one who got sick, so it appears to have been a virus and not food poisoning, thank goodness. 

No theme yet for six, but I'm pushing for The Grinch.  How awesome would a Grinch party be?

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As always, another impressive party.