Thursday, December 8, 2016

A busy start to the season

I feel like I've been behind and unable to catch up on anything since the day after Thanksgiving. I suppose that just goes with the territory of the holiday season, but it feels even more so this year.  I'm also planning Elliott's big fifth birthday party and that has added to my plate, but no more so than any other year.  It just feels like it. 

Last Monday, the 5th, Elliott and I couldn't find Ginger to take her for a walk.  We looked in the family room about three times before we found her.  Silly dog.

There had been a big storm the night before.  This palo verde did not fare well.  

Elliott and I ran a bunch of errands that day.  We stopped by Lowe's.  Who's gonna buy this beagle for me?

We watched Elf on Monday night. 

Spencer's bus driver game him glasses that make Christmas lights look like reindeer.  They really work and are quite fun. 

Ugh.  So many lights out on our tree.  It's 10 years old, but other than the lights there is nothing wrong with it.  

Ginger slept on her bed AND the beanbag on Tuesday the 29th. 

Wednesday was freezing cold and I bundled Elliott up for our morning walk. 

Spencer and I went to the orthodontist and then out to lunch on Wednesday.  He's getting close to getting his braces off.  Probably in February.  It would have been January if Michael had not FAILED and completely forgotten to take Spencer to his appointment on November 1st.  It pushed everything back a month since it took a month to get in for a new appointment.  

Side note.  This was the first time Spencer ever wore this shirt.  He got something on it, I treated and washed it and it's now ruined because it has a huge faded spot on it.  That sort of sh** pisses me off. 

On Thursday the 1st I took Spencer with me to Costco.  He jumped in this car and then laughed so hard when he accidentally really made it back up. 

We got all the lights finalized outside on Friday the 2nd.  Here's a sneak peak of the new Holiday Pig. 

This post didn't seem very busy but I could have slept for three days straight after last week, so I don't think it was an accurate representation. 

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Cat said...

I love the pig. I saw one I liked on Amazon last Christmas, but they were out of stock.