Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Veteran's Day Weekend

Last Thursday my school had a short Veteran's Day ceremony at the very beginning of the day.
We had some Veterans from the local American Legion come to be honored and we honored all the staff that are Veterans. 
From left to right: James (who was in the Army and is our counselor), Tom (can't remember his branch and he is our groundskeeper), Andrew (can't remember his branch and he is a bus driver), Randy (Marines and he is a 3rd grade teacher), Cannot for the life of me remember her name but she was a teacher last year and is an aid this year and the last person was hired, like, two weeks ago as an aid and you could pay me $500 and I still wouldn't remember her name. 
After that we took all the special education students on a field trip.  I can't show you any of the kids, but I can show you the animals at the Wildlife World Zoo. 

We let all of the kids ride the train one time.  I ended up sitting with Michelle, who is a special education aid and one of the students I see for speech therapy.  We were all wearing Converse.  Mine are the white ones. 
We drove down to Tucson on Thursday afternoon for the holiday weekend.

On Friday we whipped up a batch of homemade eggnog so we can let it age for six weeks before Christmas. 

I brought the glass jars from home.  I think it was funny to see eggnog in summery jars. 
My dad and I drove the jars over to Nick's house to keep in his refrigerator because my parent's didn't have enough space in their TWO refrigerators. 
My dad served 35 years in the US Navy.  He loves his country more than anyone I know.  He actually felt it necessary to iron these flags before he handed them out on Veteran's Day. 

And then we had happy hour with each other. 

And I made my dad and uncle do some American glamour shots. 

On Saturday we gave my mom her birthday presents.  A set of earrings from Charming Charlie's.

A candle in a turkey themed holder and a turkey table runner that isn't pictured. 
We were back at home by Saturday afternoon.  Elliott wasn't feeling great on Sunday.  He had croup AGAIN, so he stayed home with Michael while Spencer and I went out to run errands.  We ended up at the grand opening of the Home Goods in Phoenix.  Spencer really wanted to get this car that he was much too big for. 

Our picture of the super moon.  A moon photographer I am not. 
We also went to Trader Joe's on Sunday.  I got these butternut squash "fries" to have for dinner.  Michael and I thought they were delicious.  The kids hated them. 
One of these days we'll make it to a parade on Veteran's Day, but even without floats and a band we had a nice weekend. 

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