Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pottery and my office

I am still more than two weeks behind on blogging.  I'm close to being caught up on life, but not so much with the blogging.  Let's power through though, shall we?  There are exciting posts coming up.  Unfortunately, this is not one of them.  Ha!

On Sunday the 16th we took Elliott's 4 year- 10 month pictures at church.  HOW is this kid almost five?

On Monday the 17th we had to drive to Avondale for a doctor's appointment for Spencer.  We stopped in Tempe on our way back home and picked up our pottery.  I love it. 

Spencer's Jack-O-Lantern

My cauldron mug

I worked on Tuesday the 18th.  My little office was coming along nicely. 

I was particularly proud of the frames I did.  They just didn't photograph well with my phone camera. 

Each one is a different letter and they spell out SPEECH.

I'm thrilled there is room for both of my speech pig lamps.  I've had the pink one since 2004.  

Brendan bought the blue one in 2004 and gave it to me last year. 

I also worked a half day on Wednesday the 19th.  More pictures of the office. 

And the same on Thursday the 20th.  I think Thursday was the day I finally felt like it was all done. 

I was even able to do some decorative seasonal stuff. 

Ginger was really appreciative of Elliott's antics on Friday the 21st.  

She just looks like she's having fun. 
I went to the dermatologist that afternoon.   I stopped at Marshall's after it to look for something for my mom for Thanksgiving.  It was hard to find anything Thanksgiving when EVERYTHING was Christmas though. 

Spencer drew these amusing monsters that day.  Look at the one on the right.  It's a tail. Ha ha ha!
And finally, Ginger was able to dominate the bean bag chair to take a nap that evening.  She's been trying to figure out how to get on top for a good six months. 

She was very pleased with herself. 

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Cat said...

Your office looks great! And now I am "only" two months behind on your blog. :)