Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween Party

Every year my friend Shireen hosts a big Halloween Party.  It was a tradition started by Amy that Michael and I started going to in, like, 2006.  It was an adult only event back then and it was pre-blogging, pre-facebook, pre-social media, so there are very few, if any pictures.  As the years went on it became a family event.  Amy and Shireen co-hosted it for a few years and then Shireen took over when Amy moved back to Indiana. 

Here is a quick review of our previous costumes.

In 2009 we were the family in pajamas.  
We had been at the state fair that evening and just stopped by the party for about an hour and this was an easy costume for an in-the-car outfit change. 
Daisy, Mickey Mouse and Goofy 
Sir Topham Hatt, Thomas the Train and a Railroad Crossing Sign.  I was pregnant with Elliott and so uncomfortable all I could pull of was stretchy black clothes and some cardboard signs. 
There was no party in 2012.  We started again in 2013

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Spiderman 
Princess Peach, Toad, Mario and Luigi 
Chewbacca, R2D2, Darth Maul and Darth Vader 
Which brings us to this year.

Elliott really wanted to be a skeleton.  He has never expressed an opinion about his costume before so we planned our family theme around him being a skeleton.

Spencer was Dracula.  He asked me to take all these different poses. 

Elliott got to be a skeleton.   He really was thrilled he was just trying to look spooky.

He thinks this is how skeletons pose. 

And the 2016 family picture.
Dracula, Witch, Death and Skeleton

I'm usually opposed to whole body photos, but I wanted my tights to be included. 

The food was pretty spectacular.  Especially this fruit platter. 

I brought biscuits and apple butter.

And this Halloween cake.
Shireen had a movie screen set up outside showing kid movies.  The kids would watch and then play and them watch and then play.  Perfect. 

Death and Witch Lauren

Death with two witches

Barney and Betty Rubble joined us

Flapper and ??  Poker dealer?

Barney and Betty Rubble with their son Bam-Bam

Just a coupla witches

George Weasley

The prizes.  We did not win, individually or as a family.  Wah-wah.

The ladies.  We were missing Joni and Brenda this year. 

The witches again.

Barney and Betty and Bam-Bam again

Jon Snow was the winner of the costume competition.
Fred and George Weasley.  They came in second place.  I voted for them for the win.  Best costumes I've ever seen. 
This is Shireen and her sister Nasreen.  I think they should both dye their hair red because they look fantastic.

George, Barney and Fred.  Look at all that hair. 

Me and my two dads

A wizard

We all kept on calling out poses for the wizard (who was Shireen's husband Joseph).

Shireen's family.

It was another fantastic party and now, we start planning for 2017. 

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