Thursday, October 27, 2016

Road Trip to Arkansas: Day 5- The finale!

Guess what we did on the fifth and final day of our road trip?  Did you guess drive all day?  Because if you did, ding ding ding.  You are correct, sir.  Or ma'am. 

We had stayed at a Red Roof Inn in Amarillo on Sunday night.  Michael went in to the office and asked for their best rate.  We got a room for $60.  We were expecting a tiny little shack of a room but we were blown away when we walked in.  I took pictures before we checked out on Monday morning because we were so impressed with it. 

It was huge!  And had brand new wood floors.  I don't think I've ever seen a hotel room with wood floors. 

Our only complaint was the patched and unpainted wall which, on a scale of 1 to 100, in how much it bothered us, was a .2. 
It was a quick drive from Amarillo into New Mexico.  I finally got the actual welcome to the state sign on the highway.  It's quite hard to get these pictures from a moving vehicle I have come to realize.  

We stopped in Tucumcari to get breakfast.  We had seen a sign for McDonald's and nothing else so we resigned ourselves to eating crap for breakfast.  Then when we exited the freeway we saw there was a Blake's Lotaburger across the street.  I had never head of it so I did a quick google search.  And google told me they were open for breakfast and sold breakfast burritos!  We got coffee at McDonald's and then drove immediately across the street. 

And OMG were these the best breakfast burritos.  I'm still dreaming about the one I had with green chili. 

Michael got red chili and said it was equally enjoyable.   
I was kind of sad to find such a tasty breakfast burrito that was only available one state away, but then later in the day we found out there are two Blake's in Tucson.  Well sign me up. 

After breakfast we pressed on through New Mexico.  We stopped for a snack in Albuquerque but really wanted to eat lunch in Hatch.  We also did some chili shopping once we got to Hatch.  And some chili photo shoots. 

Guess what we ate in Hatch?  More burritos!  Mine was not of the breakfast variety.  I don't remember if Michael's was or not. 

We bought about six bags of chili powder.

There are about 250 miles between Hatch and Tucson and I think they were the longest 250 miles of the whole trip.  We were so close.  Yet so far!  The worst 100 miles of the trip were the last 100 miles on day 2, BTW.  We were on a two lane highway trying to make it to the rehearsal dinner and we got stuck behind a school bus that kept making stops letting kids out. And then we drove through a bunch of tiny towns.  I nearly stroked out. 

Finally back in Arizona. 
And then, 2,500 miles later, we arrived at Michael's parent's house.  Where our kids were not very excited to see us.   But Ginger was, which is all that really matters. 

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