Monday, October 24, 2016

Road Trip to Arkansas: Day 4 (morning)

Michael and I got a fairly early start the day after the wedding (Sunday the 9th).  We needed to be back in Tucson by late Monday afternoon and we had 1,200 miles ahead of us.  We didn't have a set plan of how far we planned on driving on Sunday and decided to just see how the day went.

I wanted to do something touristy on this trip but knew it had to be quick touristy, so we drove about an hour west to Fayettville after we left Harrison and went to the Botanical Gardens.  It was a lovely day, a little bit on the cool side, and we spent a nice hour walking around looking at the beautiful plants.

I don't have a ton to say about our visit.  I'l pop in with a few comments, but mostly just enjoy the pictures.

These next five pictures were in the butterfly house.

There had been a wedding at the Gardens the night before.  I'm sure that this had been the aisle with chairs set up on either side.
I can only imagine how much they paid for these pillars to be covered with greenery.  It's kind of sad that it all got left behind. 
I would have taken one of these huge gorgeous wreaths if I had been headed straight home without 1,200 miles separating me from my house. 

Garden selfie

After we left the Garden we headed over to The University of Arkansas so we could walk around a bit and eat lunch.  There was a marathon going on in Fayettville that day.  The were running by the Garden and they were running straight through the campus.  We got stopped several times at this point to let runners through. 

We parked right next to this gorgeous tree and I felt compelled to do a 9 hour photo shoot with it. 

We ate lunch at the Hog Haus Brewing Company.  We sat on the upper patio. 
If anybody reading this ever reads Kelly's Korner Blog you might recall her talking about eating at Doe's.  Doe's was one block from the Hog Haus.  When I googled where to eat in Fayettville Doe's came up as a must-go, but they are only open for dinner, so we unfortunately missed it. 

After we left Fayettville we drove through Siloam Springs.  My great-grandfather lived in Siloam Springs and I have many fond memories of visiting him when I was a kid. 

He died in the early 90's and who knows how many people have lived in his house since then, but we still drove by his house and took some pictures.  It looks the same as I remember, the trees are just much, much bigger. 

I was really looking forward to getting an ice cream at Barnett's Dairyette where my great-grandfather took his kids, his grand kids (my mother was one of them) and his great grand kids but, dammit, it's closed on Sundays.  Major bummer.  I was going to buy my kids a t-shirt from here too.

After we left Siloam Springs (where we spent a grand total of 10 minutes) we headed to Oklahoma.  But that is a post for another day.  Tomorrow, actually, if I have any sort of drive and motivation. 

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