Sunday, October 23, 2016

Road Trip to Arkansas: Day 3 (Reception)

The reception for the wedding was in a big hall next to the church, so after the ceremony we wandered over and got some appetizers while the wedding party took pictures. 

I took my standard "for blogging purposes" reception pictures.

The groom's cake

First dance

Father/daughter dance

Mother/son dance
After eating and doing all of the dances we snuck out of the reception with the groom to take some pretty epic comparison pictures.  I had sent Daniel's mom, Jennifer, the pictures that we had from our wedding so we could recreate them.  She gave the pictures to the photographer, so there are "official" pictures too, but these are the ones I took with my camera. 

Daniel at our wedding!

Daniel at his wedding!

Side by side!

With my parents at my wedding

With my parents at his wedding

Side by side

We didn't actually ever get a picture with just Daniel, so this is the closest we could get for an original. 

At his wedding

Side by side

At my reception

At his reception

Side by side

Another dancing at my wedding

Another "dancing" at his wedding

Side by side
Daniel was in these pictures from our wedding too, but we did not get their entire wedding party involved to recreate them, although it would have been really funny. 

We also never had a picture of Daniel with the four of us from my wedding, so this is a bonus.

With all the picture recreating done, we returned Daniel to his reception so he could cut the cake. 

The groom's cake never did get officially cut, so Michael took charge (after another guest cut into it first).

A little bubble fun for the newlyweds.

We stuck around to help with the clean-up.

And in typical fashion, found my dad rooting around in the garbage,

because somebody threw away some filler plastic gemstones from the centerpieces. 
After the reception was over (which was before 7 pm) we went to a historic hotel in downtown for cocktails at the bar.  And an impromptu pumpkin patch photo shoot. 

And finally right before we all crashed in bed, got my dad with the creepy scarecrows in the lobby of our hotel.  If my dad was on social media at all I'd say, profile picture. 

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