Monday, October 31, 2016

Post road trip

We got back to Tucson after our five day road trip in the early evening on Monday, October 10th.  We ate dinner with the kids and Michael's parents and then went to my parent's house to spend the night.  We got up early on Tuesday and then drove to my school because I was moving to a new (and way, way, way) better office.   We hoped to be done with everything in about two hours.  Five hours later we left.  

This was when it was almost done.  I did some more tinkering the next week. 

Michael's parents brought the kids and Ginger home on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a happy reunion.  Ginger actually rested her head on my lap that night. She never does that. 

On Wednesday we went to Target.  We did not buy this. 

Ginger was adorable. 

And Spencer cracked us up dressing his bunny up in matching boxers. 

Elliott insisted on sleeping in winter footy pajamas despite the roasting temperatures. 
On Thursday Elliott went to day care and Spencer and I spent the whole day together.  He needs that every once in a while.  I do too.  

We went to paint pottery first. 

Our finished pieces (before they were fired). 

I made one mug, this is just both sides of it (and the inside). 

After we painted pottery we went to lunch at Mad Greens.  I was impressed with their kids meals. 
Then we had Spencer's nine year checkup.  After the appointment we went to the movies to see Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.
On Thursday I changed Spencer's sheets and discovered that the plastic mattress cover had melted.  His greasy stuff for his eczema dissolved it. 

On Friday we made an unexpected trip back to Tucson for a funeral.  We didn't think we'd go again until Veteran's Day weekend, but instead we made it 2 days.  Ha!

The moon looked cool raising over the Catalina's. 

On Saturday we went to the funeral. 
My uncle was there and went to the luncheon afterwards.  He looked like a cool guy driving home after, so I snapped some pictures. 

We drove home after the funeral and spent the next two days finally recovering from the trip and getting things back in order. 

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Cat said...

Impressive pottery.