Monday, October 10, 2016

Party Party

Last Saturday Elliott and I attended the birthday party of a little girl from his daycare.  I knew exactly one person there.  His name is Elliott.  It wasn't the most magnificent two hours of my life, but Elliott had fun and I guess that's what counts.

It was at Pump It Up.
Elliott went in all the jumpy things and did this little slide, but he still has no interest whatsoever in the big slides or anything that he has to jump off of.  That's just fine by me.

He loved the bubbles.  I wonder if I could install a bubble machine on our ceiling.  I wonder what that would do to our hardwood floors.

Group shot.  The kid in blue behind Elliott was screaming and Elliott was not a fan. 

She seemed to like our gift.
We got home from the birthday party around 1:00 and then I had to quickly shower and get ready to go to Monica's baby shower.

It was at Monica and Rick's house but was hosted by Brendan and Travis.  They did a phenomenal job.

They revealed the name at the shower so I can now tell everyone that baby girl Hadley will be here in December.  What are the chances that I would have two close friends with daughters named Hadley?

Rick gave Monica a "push present"- a diamond ring.  I had two babies and never got a diamond anything. 

Opening my gift.

Monica wanted there to be NO games, but there were blocks for people to decorate.
At first I refused and said that instead of decorating a block I would just drink wine, but then I had a brilliant idea and made this magnificent block for Hadley.

Hadley's mama was amused by it, thank goodness.

The majority of guests left by about 7:00 pm, but there were some out of town friends and I ended up leaving at 1:45 am and got home at 2:00 am.  Best baby shower ever!

(I had to crop Brendan's leg out of this picture)

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Cat said...

Cute watermelon, LOVE the cake, and a baby shower that goes 'til 1:45AM. ?Impressive!