Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Spencer's 9th birthday

Spencer was born on Thursday, September 6, 2007.  2008 was a leap year so his first birthday conveniently fell on a Saturday.  I remember it being a big deal in my mind, at the time, that we had his party on his actual birthday.  I must be maturing and evolving because I don't think it would be as important to me now. 

The only year, so far, that his birthday has fallen on Labor Day is in 2010 when he turned 3.  He wasn't even in school yet, so a holiday birthday made no difference whatsoever to him.  He's going to have to wait until 2021 when he turns 14 to experience a Labor Day birthday. 

When I was growing up my dad always took each one of his kids out to breakfast on their birthday.  It was a really big deal.  The birthday child got to pick the restaurant and my dad went into work late after dropping us off at school.  I asked Spencer if he would like to start this tradition with Michael this year and he agreed it would be fun.  Luckily Michael is off on Tuesdays so it worked out perfectly. Then, at the last minute, he decided that breakfast with daddy, but at home, was really what he wanted. 

Michael went out early and picked up Spencer's breakfast of choice: a chocolate chip frappuccino and a bacon breakfast burrito.  Michael learned his lesson last year and got Spencer a mini size and one without any actual coffee so as to not repeat the puking incident in San Diego.

We took some quick pictures for Facebook purposes and then I left for work and Spencer left for school. 

As soon as I got home from work it was time for presents. 

Money from grandma and papa,

the book Boy from Elliott,
(the rest are from me and Michael)

Angry Birds DVD, 

Mario baseball hat,

Super Mario shirt, 

Angry Birds shirt,

and pictures of the stuffed animals and Amiibo that we ordered but didn't get delivered in time. 
He also got a Twix from Winston, our elf.  Winston left a note explaining he had been there but had an emergency at the North Pole and had to leave.  It has nothing to do with Winston being in Tucson.  Nothing at all. 

After presents we took some practice pictures with the SPENCER blocks. 

And the headed off to this scenic lake in our old neighborhood for real pictures.

He wasn't thrilled here.  Apparently the rock was "killing his butt".


9 years
Time for the blocks.

It was going well.

Then this happened and we all laughed heartily. 

Spencer picked Cheddars for his birthday dinner.  I had a painkiller to celebrate the 9th anniversary of my first childbirth.  I thought it was witty, but nobody else seemed to get the joke.  They were all male though, including the waiter, so I'll give them a break. 

Spencer thought it would be funny to switch the drinks. 

After dinner we ordered a deep dish chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, but Spencer really wasn't interested in eating it so we cancelled the order and went home.  

All he really wanted was a dish of ice cream.  


And just like that, he's 9!

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Cat said...

Painkillers are good! I drank those in St. John.