Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Socks, dress, turkey dishes and everything in between

Last week was boring.  Boring enough that I could have, and probably should have, just skipped blogging it.  But we all know that's not my style. 

First we're going to backtrack to before Spencer's party and review a few things I missed.

Thursday the 8th was crazy sock day at Elliott's school.  He was telling Michael and Spencer what we had decided for socks but could only remember the Santa ones.  He asked me what the other sock was and I honestly could not say "candy corn".  I tried candy cane.  No.  Cotton Candy.  No.  And then I just paused and looked bewildered. 
We also got our amazon order in the mail on Thursday the 8th, less than 48 hours before the party.  Spencer's late birthday presents were in there too. 

On the same day I also got a birthday gift in the mail from my aunt and uncle. 
OK.  Let's get back to the boring week of last week.

I took Elliott to school on Monday and then went to Ross to look for a dress to wear to a wedding we're going to in less than three weeks.  My criteria was to spend less than $20.  I had no preferred color or style, just less than $20.

$15. Not bad.  It's a wee bit Junior Miss, but,

A cardigan sweater will hide that. 
I'll add heels, a cool bracelet and some dangly earrings and call it a day.

I worked on Tuesday.  I was delighted to see that the 6 day forecast didn't have a single 100 on it. This is progress.  This is almost fall. 

Spencer and I tried to take a selfie with Ginger after I got home.  Neither were very cooperative. 
Spencer had a lost birthday present that got delivered to the wrong neighbor and we finally located it on Tuesday. 
Megan texted me this list of the most regretted baby names. Oh. My. God.  Stop.  Just stop. Every single one of them.
On Wednesday morning we realized that our screen door was trying to send us a message.  We're not sure what GC means, but it's probably a threat. 
Our microwave broke about 4 weeks ago and we have had to go through a bunch of nonsense with our home warranty company, but Wednesday was finally the day we got our new one installed.

Bye bye old microwave. 

The door frame was cracking and chipping. 
And the vent was seriously cracked to the point that it nearly fell off. 
The biggest problem though is that the magnetron quit working, so the microwave really did not work.

New microwave!  It was no fun being without one for so long. 

Thursday was mustache day at Elliott's school. 

Spencer's aikido class is now an hour later on Thursdays.  I didn't have time to come home after work before getting him, so I wandered around Home Goods for a bit before going to pick him up.

They have more turkey dishes!  Somebody give me money so I can buy them!

Friday was the 16th.  Elliott is 4 years-9 months old.  We'll be doing his superhero 5th birthday in the blink of an eye. 

We did his photo shoot in the front yard.


That somehow turned into the kids running around like maniacs.

I broke out a fall candle on Friday night.  I bought it in January for about $2.  I dare say it's the best smelling candle I've ever experienced in my life.  Pumpkin Nutmeg.  I checked and they have it again at Target this year.  I'd totally buy another one for full price.  It's in a pretty plaid jar this year too.

And finally, on Saturday I dug the basket that our ring bearer used in our wedding out of our Christmas decorations.  His wedding is the one we're going to and his mom asked me to bring the basket with us.
Spencer and I went to Target and fell in love with this service dog that was wearing a vest telling us not to pet him because he was working.  

Without that vest we would have been all over this dog. 
And to end the boring week, I made a batch of laundry detergent. The last time I made a batch was May 22nd.  I'm sure these two jars will finish out the year because although it might feel like 2017 is way into the future, it's actually in 102 days. 
Are you freaking out now?

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