Tuesday, September 27, 2016

From game day to school pictures

Sunday, September 18
 Shireen hosted my lady group for a game day.  The "rules" were, we all had to bring a store bought snack (nothing homemade), we all had to wear comfortable lounge-type/athletic clothes and we all had to bring our phone chargers.  

All the games we played were interactive on the TV through our smart phones. 

I won the first game.  I think I won three games total. 

This was my second win.

I might have also won a round of fibbage but didn't get a picture of my win.  I don't 100% remember.

Group pictures

Monday, September 19

I set up Elliott with a simple art project so I could get some dishes and laundry done.

Spencer came home from school delighted that he had been picked for the Arizona Cardinals Kid Camp. He was one of only five kids from his class.

Ginger missed her daddy and was relieved when he got home from work. 

And right before midnight I got oh so close to my goal of 1,000 followers on Pinterest. 
Tuesday, September 20

Are you kidding me?  999?

I don't know why this was such a big deal to me because it's not like I did anything to get here.  It's not actually an accomplishment, but I feel such a sense of satisfaction. 

And the list has continued to grow. As I like to point out to Michael, daily. 

The kids went into the pool on Tuesday evening.  Unless we really warm up again this might very well be the last swim of the year.  The days are still hot but our nights are getting really nice (which means in the 70's) and the night time temperature is what makes the pool warm or cold. 

Wednesday, September 21

We went to Carter's to buy new shoes for the kids.  Then we stopped by Target.

The Christmas displays are starting to go up right next to the Halloween displays.  I do have to say that the light samples are very pretty.

This horrifying thing happened.
Thursday, September 22

We finally got Spencer's school pictures.  We've had Elliott's for weeks. 

My handsome boys.

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