Monday, August 15, 2016

Another party day

Saturday, August 6th was a party all day long kind of day.

We enjoyed a quick breakfast before we left the house.  My parents were happy to have all three of their grandkids in attendance.  

Our first stop was the movie theater to see The Secret Life of Pets with my brother.  It was the third viewing for me and the kids, second for Michael, first for Nick.

After that movie Michael took the kids back to my parent's house while Nick and I went to another movie theater to save seats. Michael joined us a bit later for a showing of Jason Bourne. 

Back at home that afternoon my sister in law wanted to get frozen yogurt so my mom, Spencer and I went with her.  Spencer was DELIGHTED to find an entire selection of Mario themed flavors.

He took these pictures.

After frozen yogurt it was time for the big and main party of the day.  Nathan and Kendra had invited over a bunch of their Tucson friends that they don't get to see very often. 

There was Olympics watching during the prep.

Bella and Elliott went downstairs and wouldn't let anyone stay down there with them.

We did a last minute 8 years 11 months photo shoot before everyone else arrived.

His next monthly pictures will be the big time 9 years.  WHAT?


Quick family picture with everyone in attendance.
My brother Nathan broke his hand on a slip n slide in our backyard when he was in 7th grade.  He needed surgery to repair it.  So, here's the slip n slide that he specially bought for this party.  Did he learn nothing?

Here's Ginger trying to get some meat.

There's 19,000 pictures of the kids playing on the slip n slide.  Just scroll.  I won't say much. 

The big kids did a good job of sliding around the babies.  There were no bowling pin incidences and no injuries. 

Spencer got some real air under his legs.

Manny, pictured with Nick, has been Nathan's friend since 1st grade.  Something like 34 years.

Spencer started doing flips off the slip n slide and gave me a heart attack.

Nathan with his buddies. Left to right-  Nathan, Scottie, Ben, Shawn, Gino.

Kendra with her friend Larissa.

Larissa's daughter Alyssa.  There's also another daughter in Larissa's belly. 

A huge monsoon storm blew in right around the time it started getting dark and we had to retreat inside. 

All of the kids played hide n go seek.  Loudly.  And for a long time.

I like how pissed Spencer looks here.
All of the adults either left or went to bed by 1:00 am.  Except Scottie.  We left him sleeping in a chair with Ginger.  He was not there the next morning. 

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