Sunday, August 7, 2016

A party filled Saturday

 Last Saturday, July 30th, Maryellen hosted our July get-together for my sisterhood group.  We barely got that one in for the month.  It was a very simple get-together. She had us over to her house for lunch.  Joni and Shireen were unable to join us.

I was offered wine, iced tea, water or a cocktail when I arrived, but what I really wanted was coffee.  Lauren joined me for a cup when she got there.  And then we drank the whole pot. 
We asked Maryellen's husband to take our group picture.  

I call this close, 



Brenda brought this fancy schmancy dessert (that was actually pretty simple, but fancy looking).
After lunch I drove home, picked up my family and we drove to Tucson because my parents had a little wine and cheese party for their 43rd wedding anniversary.

They were discussing something cheese related. 

Nick was mad that I didn't get his shoes in the picture, so I took a special one of JUST his shoes.   Spencer's foot photobombed. 

At some point during the night Elliott lost his shorts.  I think most people had left by then.  He's sitting underneath the bar here.

Spencer sits like this a lot. 

I think he looks like a cute little elf or something. 

After this last picture was taken Nick and I stayed up until 3:00 am talking and Michael passed out on the bathroom floor.  And nobody felt like getting up the next day, except Elliott who got up at, like 6:00 am. 

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Cat said...

That was a very nice family pic!