Thursday, July 7, 2016

The start of a great weekend

Michael, Elliott and Ginger headed down to Tucson last Friday evening.  Spencer and I stayed at home because he had a swim meet in Maricopa on Saturday morning.  We had to be there at 6:30 am.  It was not fun.  The meet ended up being great though because most of the opposing team didn't show up and the whole thing was over in a little more than 2 hours.

This gorgeous community center with a fabulous pool was built about half a mile from our old house.  We could have walked if we still lived down there.
I was up late the night before and didn't have coffee until after the meet.  I really almost did fall asleep while Spencer was warming up.  It was nice of him to capture the moment.

He did great in this meet.  He came in first for two races, third for two races and second for the individual medley.

He's really improving.

He jumped off the starting block for the medley.

After the meet we went out to breakfast and then I drove Spencer over to see our old house.

There was still a Christmas decoration in the window.

The 1 gallon tree I planted in 2007 is doing quite well.

As is the mother's day tree Michael planted for me in 2008.
Spencer and I drove to Tucson after the meet and met up with the rest of our family.  Then we drove up to Mt. Lemmon to stay in a cabin with my parents for the weekend.  But first, we went to a holiday BBQ a bit lower on the mountain.

The view from the cabin.

The cabin.

Going for a walk.

This was out of a story book.  I really think some fairies live there.

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Cat said...

I remember when he was learning to swim and look at him now!