Friday, July 1, 2016

Father's Day

Every year Father's Day falls about thee weeks after Michael's birthday.  Every year I am annoyed that I have to figure out what to buy him and how to celebrate him for Father's Day so soon after buying him gifts and celebrating him for his birthday.  And then every year I feel bad about being annoyed because the truth is that we should buy him gifts and celebrate him much more often than just twice a year.  This year, Father's Day had the added stress of coming right after we returned from Florida but I think we rallied and pulled off a pretty good day.

After a SOLID week of good eating after our trip I said what the hell, and had donuts for breakfast.  I had a no sugar coffee though, so there's that.

Time for presents

Spencer had made some stuff in class and had it hidden in his room for the last month.

The yearly DAD pictures, which will have their own post soon.


Elliott's class project

And new shoes
Fast forward a few hours and Michael's parents drove up from Tucson to join us and we took some pictures before going to lunch.

Our sillies came out blurry, but they were just silly so it didn't really matter.

We went to Cheddar's for lunch.  Michael's mom decided to order 10,000 calories for the table to share for dessert.

Papa was sad because he was on week #2 of healthy eating. 
We came home after lunch and found Ginger asleep on the back of the couch with her head resting in the shutters. 
Ginger is losing her hearing due to her advancing age so she no longer hears us come home.  I think she's always done this we just never knew it because she would jump down and come running when she heard the garage door.

And no Father's Day would be complete without some father/son video games. 

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