Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Michael's 39th birthday

Michael and I always have our birthdays on the same day of the week within a calendar year.  This year he turned 39 on Memorial Day Monday.  I will turn 37 on Labor Day Monday.  

He said he didn't want anything special for breakfast, but Spencer and I snuck out of the house while Michael was in bed and Elliott was sleeping to get some donuts.

For Elliott.

For Spencer.

For the birthday boy.

MMMM.  Maple Bacon.

MMMM.  Apple fritter.

For Mommy.  I had one more day to be carb vigilante before letting loose for Florida.  I had 6 ounces to go to make it back to my pre-Boston weight.   Since I am writing this on Michael's birthday it remains to be seen if I made it.

Of course we did candles in the donuts.

Right after breakfast we opened presents.  I wanted to be sure that we had enough time for exchanges if something didn't fit.

Bags of chips.  Michael might just have a diet of 50% chips if it wouldn't kill him.

Star Wars swim suit.

Khaki shorts.

The rest of the day was spent packing and doing yard work.  I took a little nap at one point, which seems wrong since it wasn't my birthday.   We managed to pack all of our stuff in one suitcase and all the kids stuff in a second suitcase.

That afternoon Michael's parents came up from Tucson to spend the night with us since we had such an early flight.

We took a family birthday picture.
And then went out to eat at Mod Pizza.  You get to pick your own toppings for pizza or salad.  One price.  It seriously does not matter how much you pack in there.

Michael's pizza

Elliott wanted lots of cheese with three pepperoni.  Three.  Only.

Spencer got ground beef, bacon and salami.

Papa's pizza.  He got everything.  Including jalapeno slices and anchovies.

I got a gigantic salad.
Back at home, after dinner, we celebrated with the mocha coconut frappuccino brownies I had made for the party over the weekend.  I deliberately set some aside for his birthday. 

And that was it.  It was a pretty rushed birthday with not a ton of fun, in my opinion, but Michael did get to go on vacation the next day.  So that more than makes up for it. 

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