Monday, June 27, 2016

Florida- Days 6 and 7

Days 6 and 7 in Florida were both pretty low key, so they are getting combined.  

Day 6 was Monday.  We decided to go back to Datz for breakfast even though I wasn't thrilled with it the day before.  The menu just looked so promising and I wanted to give it another chance.

We took this picture to show Valerie and Julia that we went back.  I look like a 50 year old divorcee.

We did the monkey break again.  At least it was delightful.
Right off the bat I was already disappointed because the weekday menu is far reduced from the weekend menu.  I got the Creme Brulee French Toast with Grand Marnier Pastry Cream.  See that little pile on there?  That was the pastry cream.  It was enough for one triangle.  Once again, underwhelmed.

Michael got a benedict.

Spencer's breakfast was cool because it came on a cafeteria tray.

Elliott should just hook up an IV with chocolate chip pancakes. 
After breakfast we headed to Michael's brother's house.  

We saw this little slice of weird Americana on the way.

We arrived just as Tropical Storm Colin did.  It started sprinkling as we parked and started pouring just as we got in the front door. 

The rest of the day was spent just hanging out.

We took Spencer's 8 year- 9 month pictures during a break in the rain.


The kids went in the pool.  It was raining, but there was no lightening. 
I don't remember this picture ever being taken.  The one time Michael picked up the camera on the whole trip and THIS is what he took.

At one point, close to when we left, my brother in law went out into the tropical storm to pick mint to make me a mojito.  That is dedication.

Thirty minutes before we left we decided it might be nice to have some pictures of all the grandkids.  They have, since this day, moved to Honolulu and who knows when we will all be together again.

Elliott decided this would be the perfect opportunity to throw the largest tantrum I have ever seen him have.

He didn't want to be in the picture because his eye was burning, his ankle was broken and he needed hearing aids.  There was something else too but I have obviously blocked it from my memory.

We drove back to my brother's house that night in the heaviest rain I have ever navigated.  There were a few times I thought we were going to have to pull into a store and wait it out overnight.  I am from the desert, I know, but this was a lot of rain.

It rained and stormed all night long and the next morning we woke up to this.

And this on the back patio.

This beautiful tree got uprooted and knocked down. 

We spent the whole morning doing laundry and packing.  And I took some pictures of my brother's house.

I gave this to Nathan and Kendra for the wedding gift.

And this was a birthday present from many years ago.

Bella's room.

The guest room

Nick was coming to stay with them a week after we left, so we left a little gift for him in the guest room.

And then, we were headed home via a layover in Atlanta.

Elliott watched a little Grinch on the way.

And I got to see a beautiful sunset from the sky.

It was a fantastic vacation that would not have been possible without financial support from my in-laws, so thank you to you and thank you to Nathan and Kendra for letting us stay with you and drive your truck. 

And thank you to Valerie and Julia for coming to meet us.  And thank you to everyone for reading the 21st century equivalent of a slide show. 

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