Monday, May 2, 2016

The last week of April, all in one tidy post

Remember in my last post when I showed you this picture of me and Spencer before our date?
Well what I didn't tell you is that about 30 minutes before the picture was taken I had used a sewing needle to re-pierce the second hole in my right ear after not having worn anything in there for probably a year.  And I also didn't mention that prior to wearing earrings in the second hole a few times last year I hadn't for probably 12-14 years.  
So, I woke up last Monday with an infected earlobe.  My doctor's office is pretty great about same day appointments so I called at 9:45 and made an appointment at 11:15.

I saw the new physician assistant.  He was all sorts of good looking, so it was rather mortifying.  I left with an antibiotic cream and a referral for Physical Therapy.  I decided that since I was there I might as well mention the shoulder injury I suffered 2.5 years ago that I'm finally going to do something about. 

That night Spencer thought it was hilarious to cover Ginger with the pillow case.
Then I took her picture with the flash and a horrifying ghost gorilla was in the freezer.  I mean.  Seriously.  Look at his face.  A dead gorilla is haunting my kitchen.
On Tuesday I took Elliott to Bass Pro Shop because he had mentioned to Michael during their date that he wanted to go.  I am not an outdoorsy or camping type person, but I do enjoy looking at the supplies one would buy for such activities.

We wandered over by the snack bar and the nice ladies there gave this lucky kid a huge chunk of fudge under the pretense of being a sample. 
Spencer came home from school with a huge bruise after almost 2 months of no bruises.  He remembered how he did it.  He tripped and fell on GRASS.

On Wednesday I took Elliott to story time at the library.

They do about 10 minutes of quiet free play at the end.  Elliott wanted me to take our picture in the reflection of the mirror.  I thought that was pretty creative for a four year old. 
I worked on Thursday.  From what I remember it was a busy, overwhelming day in which I was invited to 8 meetings for this week alone.  There are never enough hours in the day or days, in fact, for a school based speech language pathologist in May.

We ate dinner in the dining room on Friday.  I made turkey and cabbage soup.  It was quite delicious and I have since then made another pot.
Then I took some glamour shots of the dining room to put on facebook.  It's my favorite room in the whole house.  A bit of Natalie trivia in case it ever comes up.
I need to get to Poland or Germany ASAP so I can buy $2,000 worth of Polish Pottery for $200.  My collection has stalled.
Have I ever shown you our new-to-us wine refrigerator?  My brother Nick gave us his old one and then it broke a year or so later.  My parents gave us this one right before Christmas.
Spencer is doing swim team this summer so I signed him up for swim team boot camp in preparation of that.  The first class was on Saturday.
Look at this somewhat artistic and intriguing picture I have no idea how I took.  Those are my fingers and my shirt.

The water is heated, but it was still cold.

That night we put the car seats in Monica and Rick's car and headed out to Brendan and Travis's house for dinner.

They have one of those fancy dancy TV screens in the back with wireless headphones.

I made a chopped antipasto salad.
I was going to document the whole night, but then we got hit with a dust storm and some rain and I started drinking wine.

And, well, this is the only other picture I took.  Cam and baby Harley.
And that is it!  The next day was May 1, which was just yesterday.

I'm going to try to pre-write a couple of posts to go up while I'm gone, but I can make no promises.  I am slammed at work tomorrow, I haven't even started thinking about packing, we have a dine-in for Spencer's school tomorrow for dinner and I'm teaching art masterpiece the morning of the day I leave.  I must be insane. 

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Cat said...

Let me know when you go to Germany for the pottery. It's on my bucket list (visiting Germany not pottery). Actually, I MIGHT apply to a two week summer program for teachers there depending on the dates of my brother's wedding.