Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Massachusetts Day 5

Let's wrap this trip up, shall we?  I mean, jeez, I've been home for two weeks already. 

On the last day of the trip, Monday May 9th, we packed up and headed to Hyannis Port.  We wanted to stay out of Boston for as long as possible since we still had the rental car and didn't want to mess around with parking. 

I had checked on-line and found a nice Kennedy Walking tour that we could take for free.  It started at the JFK Museum.

This is what it looks like when it's not being repaired.

There were ten stops on the tour.  We walked all of them, except after nine we went back to the car and drove to ten. 

This is the map we followed. 

Stop one was in front of the museum.

Stop two was on Main Street.  I missed getting a picture of the sign.  But you get to enjoy my parents, so it's all good.

This was not part of the tour, but it was memorable.

This was paint, not chalk.

Stop three.  There wasn't really anything to look at in particular at this stop.

We thought for sure the church would be locked, but it wasn't.  We just marched right on in.  We are Catholic after all. 

Stop five was at the Armory.  We did not go in.

Then my dad needed to use the bathroom so we went into Town Hall.  

I don't think the bathrooms were for public use but we used them. 

Stop six was at the Maritime Museum.  I don't remember ever seeing the sign six for the actual tour.

What happened to stop eight?  I have no idea.

A nice man offered to take this for us.

The very last stop.  It was in a big park. 

There was a Korean War monument as well.

My mom and I walked down onto the beach.

After Hyannis Port we drove a little closer to Boston and had lunch in Plymouth.  I got a Pilgrim Panini with turkey and cranberry spread.  It was very good.

The view was better.

We went to see "The Rock".  It's purely ceremonial and has been replaced multiple times because people used to break pieces off to take home. 

After our late lunch we headed into Boston.  I dropped my parents off at the airport for their flight, went and got gas in the car, returned the car and then I went to the airport.  All of that took a couple of hours so by the time I was all checked in I decided to get a little dinner in the airport.  A little dinner and a big beer.  Which is weird because I never drink beer anymore.  It was a chocolate vanilla cream ale and it was a delight.

My friend Jeannette had flown through Boston the day before on her way home from a wedding in New York City, so she had left me a note under a seat and then sent me a bunch of pictures so I could find the seat.

After my dinner I walked over to the gate.  It was way too busy to look for a note.

So I waited, patiently, until they all boarded and then I anxiously went to retrieve my note.  I found the seat.

The gate was empty.

I reached under the seat and................NO NOTE!  It was gone.  I even got down on the floor to look.  I'm still surprised I didn't get arrested for doing that in an airport.

She was kind enough to share what I would have found if the people vacuuming at night hadn't knocked it lose and thrown it away.

So then, totally noteless, I flew home, arrived fifty minutes late at midnight, took an Uber home, foolishly unpacked everything and went to bed at 2:00 am, which was 5:00 am to my body.

And that, my friends, is the end of my five day 2016 trip to Massachusetts.  

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