Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Finally not Massachusetts

Fact: It took writing five posts with Massachusetts in the title to actually spell Massachusetts correctly on the first try.  Who came up with this word?  Double "s", single "s" and double "t".  It's madness.  

After my 2:00 am bedtime upon my return home, I was in no mood to do ANYTHING during my first day back (May 10th), but I'm a mom and that's just not possible.  It seriously would have been easier to just go to work that day than to stay home with Elliott.

I'm sure we did something during the day, but goodness knows if I can remember.  I do have a vague recollection of lots of laundry.  Actually.  After writing the rest of the post, I remembered.  We went to the splash pad at Tempe Marketplace.  We were there when my aid called to tell me we were getting audited at work and she wanted to remind me I hadn't finished my April notes.  So we met her at McDonald's so she could give me my therapy binders.  It was all very heart attacky for somebody on very little sleep. 

That evening we celebrated a late mother's day.  I had just given everybody their souvenirs, so we decided to wear them for pictures.  I will totally count these as my 2016 Mother's Day official pictures.  They were just 48 hours late. 

We can't take good pictures without the promise of silly pictures.
There was an entire epic saga to get a family picture with the timer.  The flash was bouncing all over and then we were blurry.  We almost gave up.
I had told Michael not to get me anything because the cost of the whole trip was gift enough, but the kids had made stuff for me at school so he got me a little something to go with those. 

Parsnip chips!  They were devoured within days.
Spencer did one of those "all about my mom cards".  He said my favorite foods are juicy bacon and fried eggs.  He might be right.
After all that we went to a swim team parent meeting for Spencer and then out to eat.  Elliott would only take a picture if we put our hands on the table.  And, excuse me, WHY is Spencer so tan?  Elliott and I share a similar complexion, but I have no idea where that golden boy came from. 
On Wednesday I had to go into work for a crisis that was totally my fault (I hadn't finished my April therapy notes before I left and we were being audited that day so they had to be done), so after we stopped there I took Elliott to breakfast at IKEA.

Then we just happened to buy this wardrobe. 

The boxes were shockingly heavy.  But I managed to do it all by myself.

And got them into the car and everything.
I was back to regularly scheduled work on Thursday.  I have this cute little blue and white striped dress that is ever so slightly too short to wear to work, so I paired it with leggings.  Unfortunately I didn't notice until I was in the parking lot that they totally didn't match.  I felt awkward all day.
Spencer had his first big bruise in a long time that day.  Since this day we have gotten his blood results back and the second batch of testing was all normal, so I don't know what to do.  The hematologist is not worried and doesn't think we need to come back, so I guess I won't worry either. 
On Friday I attended the volunteer appreciation breakfast at Spencer's school.  It was very thoughtful and very nice, but every single table was in the blazing sun and my hair was a sweaty mess by the time I left.

I never did take pictures of it, but the 2nd grade team gave me a huge bag filled with different types of chocolate mints with a tag that said "Thank you for all you have done.  It MINT a lot!  Your commitMINT, encourageMINT, investMINT and involveMINT helped our achieveMINT!"  I made Michael take the bag to work after I ate all of the Dove chocolate mints, several of the Andes mints and a couple of the Peppermint Patties. 

And finally,  I share probably 10% of the pictures I take of Ginger.

This was her on Friday night (May 13th).  This is one of her favorite spots.  I'm not sure what I like more- when she sleeps with her head on the hard wood or when she uses her posturepedic bed as a foot rest. 

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