Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Model homes

Last Sunday (the 2nd) after Laura and her family went back home to Tucson we took the kids out to breakfast and then we spent an hour or so checking out some model homes. We have absolutely no plans to move, we just like checking them out for home decorating ideas.

Specifically we were looking at kitchen backsplashes and kitchen cabinets handles/knobs.  I am almost done with all the staining in the kitchen so we're finally adding hardware.  The big reveal is getting very close!

I thought this metal disc one was really cool.

And not a backsplash, but I'm totally in love with this shower.  It's exactly what I want to do in the master bathroom.  Exactly.  It's like they stole the idea from my brain.

Even with the double shower heads.

Backsplash with two types of tile and a border.  Interesting.

Love this entry way.

Spencer loved this backyard fountain.  He took this picture.

Great front door.  I hate our front door.

Ooh.  I like.

Infinity pool overlooking a recently built lake.  Yep.  I could live here. 

The neighborhood will be really nice once it's done.
So after we saw all those gorgeous homes we went to Home Depot and bought a bronze handle to replace the brass knob on the pantry door. Not quite spectacular.  It's really nothing compared to the model homes.  But I'm still pretty happy with it.  Ten more door handles to go!

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Jeannette said...

I love model homes too. However, the ones in our old community were terribly decorated. It was like someone's mom or wife was in charge and he didn't want to tell her no. The master bedroom was blue and orange with its adjoining bathroom in turquoise and purple. I seriously thought it was a joke and yet we still bought that exact floor plan, so maybe there were some subliminal messages in those colors. Man, I miss our bathroom and closet from that house.